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Zico (지코) is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter and producer under his own label, KOZ Entertainment. He is the leader of the boy group Block B, a member of the project boy group FANXY CHILD and a former member of the underground duo Harmonics.

He made his solo debut on November 7, 2014 with the single "Tough Cookie".


2018–2019: Change of agencies

On November 23, 2018, it was announced that his contract with Seven Seasons had expired and he decided to not renew it. However, there was no decision about his future with Block B.[3]

On January 10, 2019, he officially opened his own label, called KOZ Entertainment, which stands for 'King of the Zungle'.[4]

Personal life

Military service

Zico would be enlisted in the military on July 30, 2020. After receiving basic military training, he would be serving as a public service worker.[5] He was discharged on April 29, 2022.[6]


Studio albums

Mini albums

Digital singles

Special singles




Producing and writing credits

  • All credits adapted from KOMCA, unless stated.[7]


Artist Song Album Type
Harmonics "The Letter (편지)" Writing


Artist Song Album Type
ZoPD "한국힙합에 바란다" Victory Writing
Verbal Jint & ZoPD "Map the Music" 2 The Hard Way
"종의 기원"
Jeong Seul Gi 보란듯이2 "결국 제자리"
Bizniz "Hero Music" Ego
Miss $ "It's Not Over" Pro. Miss. U
Block B "Wanna B" "Do U Wanna B?" Writing
"Does It Only Happen To Me?"
"Halo" New Kids on the Block Writing, Composing
"Tell Them"
"U Hoo Hoo" Writing
"Don't Move!"
Verbal Jint "원숭이띠 미혼남" Go Easy
ZoPD "Thrilla" Part.1 - State of the Art
"And The Winner"
Miss $ "It's Not Over" Miss Terious
Block B "LOL" Welcome to the Block Writing
"NalinA (난리나)" Writing, Composing
"Did It or Not? (했어 안했어)"
"Synchronized 100% (싱크로율 100%)"
"NalinA (난리나) (Inst.)"
J'Kyun "Hot MC" Just Lately Writing
Block B "Moving On (눈감아줄께)" Welcome to the Block Repackage Writing, Composing
"Action (Remix)"
"Action (Remix) (Inst.)"
Giriboy "Planned Girl (계획적인 여자)" Fatal ALbum Writing
JJK "Give and Take" The Arrvial
Geeks "Can't Breath (숨이차) (Remix)" 2nd Mini Album Repackage
Fame-J "자존심"
Zico & Pia "Oasis (오아시스)" "Golden Time OST Part.9"
Block B "11:30" Blockbuster
"Interlude" Composing
"Nillili Mambo (닐리리맘보)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Mental Breaker" Writing
"No Joke (장난없다)"
"Movie's Over" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Dreams Come True" Writing
D-UNIT "Face-to-face (얼굴보고 얘기해)" Affirmative Chapter 1 Writing, Composing
Offroad "Head Banging"
D-UNIT "Thank You
Fana "Show Stoppers (Remix)" Fanattitude Writing
Block B "Very Good" Very Good Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Be The Light"
"Three W's and One H" Composing, Arranging
"Nice Day" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Various Artists "Brilliant Is" Writing
Hyolyn "Red Lipstick (립스틱 짙게 바르고)" Love & Hate
Block B "Dime Girl" Her Writing, Composing
"Very Good (Rough ver.)"
Park Boram "Beautiful" Writing
Olltii "GeuXX (그XX)" "Show Me The Money 3 Bobby VS Olltii"
Zico "Tough Cookie" Writing, Composing
Yuk Jidam "Stayed Up All Night" "Unpretty Rapstar Part.1" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Zico "Well Done" Writing, Composing
Block B BASTARZ "Zero for Conduct" Zero For Conduct
Zico & Sojin "Sick" "Mask OST Part.2" Writing
Crush "Oasis" "Oasis"
Ja Mezz, Andup, & Mino "Turtle Ship (거북선)" "Show Me The Money 4 Episode 2" Composing, Arranging
Zico, Mino, & Paloalto "Moneyflow" "Show Me The Money 4 Episode 3" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Mino "Fear (겁)" "Show Me The Money 4 Episode 5"
Zico, Hyolyn, & Paloalto "Dark Panda" Writing
Zico & Mino "Okey Dokey" "Show Me The Money 4 Episode 6" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Zico "Tell Me Yes Or No"
F(x) "Traveller" 4 Walls Writing
Paloalto "Turtle Ship (Remix)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Zico "Predator" "Boys And Girls"
"Boys and Girls"
DEAN "Pour Up" Writing
Dynamic Duo "Yayouhwei (야유회)" Grand Carnival
Zico "Veni Vidi Vici" Gallery Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Pride and Prejudice"
Zico "I Am You, You Are Me" "Break Up 2 Make Up" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"It Was Love"
Mazinga'S "Her" "KPop Start Season 5 Top 10 Part.1" Writing, Composing
Block B "A Few Years Later" Blooming Period Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Walkin' In The Rain" Writing
C Jamm "Beautiful" "Show Me The Money 5 Episode 4"
Sejeong "Flower Way" "Jelly Box Flower Way" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Zico "Bermuda Triangle" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Zico & Jeong Junha "When You're Exhausted" 무한도전 위대한 유산
Block B "Yesterday" Writing
Zico & Yoo Jong Shin "Wi-Fi" "Monthly Project 2017 February Yoon Jong Shin"
Zico "She's a Baby" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Bump It" Writing, Composing
PSY "I Luv It" 4x2=8
Millic "Paradise" Vida
Crush "Behind The Scene" Television Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Fanxy Child"
Hangzoo, Young B, Hash Swan, & Killagramz "Yozm Gang" "Show Me The Money 6 Episode 1"
Killagramz "Where U At" "Show Me The MOney 6 Episode 2" Writing, Composing
Taeyang feat. Zico "Tonight" White Night Writing
Hangzoo &Young B feat. Car, the garden "Search" "Show Me The Money 6 Episode 3" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Hangzoo "Red Sun" "Show Me The Money 6 Episode 4"
Hangzoo "Turn Around" "Show Me The Money 6 Episode 5" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Block B "Shall We Dance" Montage Writing, Composing, Arranging
"One Way" Writing
Kang Seung Yoon & Mino "The Door" "Prison Playbook OST Part.2" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Block B "Don't Leave" Re:Montage Writing, Composing
Penomeco "L.I.E" Composing, Arranging
Haon "Graduation" "High School Rapper 2 Winner" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Swings "Keep Going" Writing
ELO "Osaka" "Gradation Vol.4" Writing, Composing
Wanna One "Kangaroo" 1÷x=1 (Undivided) Writing, Composing, Arranging
Crush "Cereal" Wonderlost Writing, Composing
Zico "Soulmate" Writing, Composing, Arranging
O3ohn "Shine Your Star" "Mr. Sunshine OST Part.9"
Nafla "Buckle" "Show Me The Money 777 Final" Writing
Sam Kim "It's You" Sun And Moon Writing, Composing
BIBI "Three W's and One H" "The Fan Top 3" Composing
SIXC "Move" Produce X 101: 31 Boys 5 Concepts Writing, Composing, Arranging
FANXY CHILD "Y" Writing, Composing
X1 "Move (X1 ver.)" 비상 : Quantum Leap Writing, Composing, Arranging
Zico "Daredevil" Thinking Writing, Composing
"Human" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"One-man Show"
"Another Level"
"Being Left"
"Balloon" Writing, Composing
"The Language of Flowers"


Artist Song Album Type
Zico "Any Song" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Dress & Sogumm "My Taste" Writing, Composing
Sik-K "Do Main 2020" Officially OG Writing
Zico & Kang Daniel "Refresh" "For The Love Of South Korea" Writing, Composing
Zico & Wendy "My Day Is Full of You" "The King: Eternal Monarch OST Part.10" Writing
AB6IX "The Answer" Vivid Writing, Composing, Arranging
Hwa Sa "Kidding" María
Zico "Summer Hate" Random Box
"Love & Hate"
"No You Can't"
SSAK3 "Beach Again" Writing
Epik High "Rosario" Epik High Is Here Writing, Composing
Penomeco "Actually Pt.2" Dry Flower
Lim Kyoung Mun & Lee Dong Hyeon "Her" LOUD 2Round Team Mission
Jang Hyun Soo "Red Sun" LOUD 5Round JYPSY's Casting
Team P Nation "Move" LOUD Live Round -Final Debut-
PSY "Celeb" PSY 9th Writing, Composing


Concerts participation

  • Waterbomb Festival Seoul (2022)


Reality shows


  • He studied at Dong-A University.[1]
  • He lived and studied in Japan for three years.[8][9]


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