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Yuqi (Korean: 우기; Japanese: ウギ, Chinese: 雨琦) is a Chinese singer-songwriter under Cube Entertainment. She is a member of the girl group (G)I-DLE.

She made her solo debut with the mini album Yuq1 on April 23, 2024.


2018: Debut with (G)I-DLE[]

On April 8, 2018, Yuqi was revealed as the first member of (G)I-DLE.[1] The group officially debuted on May 2 with their first mini album I Am.

2019: Keep Running[]

On April 21, 2019, it was announced Yuqi would be joining the main cast of the Chinese variety show Keep Running.[2] On April 23, 2020, Yuqi was confirmed to be returning as a cast member for the show's eighth season.[3]

2020: King of Mask Singer[]

Yuqi participated in the show King of Mask Singer on November 1. She first sang Lee Hi's "Holo" in a duet with her competitor, and then she sang 2NE1's "Missing You" by herself after she was eliminated, before revealing her identity. The panelists were impressed with both her fluent Korean pronunciation as well as her unique vocal tone.[4]

2021: "A Page", Stage Boom[]

On May 5, it was announced that Yuqi would release her first solo digital single, "A Page", on May 13.[5]

She's participating in the Chinese survival show Stage Boom, which started airing on iQIYI on August 6. Ten female singers compete in order to get a chance to stay on the show and perform again, with the show containing a total of 33 performances. Yuqi expressed that she's often seen as an entertainer, so the show is an occasion to showcase her vocal talents, especially in her home country where she might be less known than overseas.[6][7]

2024: "Could It Be", solo debut with Yuq1[]

On March 22, Cube Entertainment announced that Yuqi would make her official solo debut by the end of April.[8] On April 1, it was announced that she will be releasing the digital single "Could It Be" on April 5 as a pre-release for her solo debut mini album, Yuq1, which will be released on April 23.[9]


Mini albums[]

Digital singles[]



Participation releases[]

  • "Street Woman Fighter 2 (SWF2) Class Mission" ("How To Twerk" with Miyeon) (2023)

Producing and writing credits[]

  • All credits adapted from KOMCA, unless stated.[10]
Artist Song Album Type
(G)I-DLE "I'm The Trend" "I'm The Trend" Writing
"Dumdi Dumdi (Chinese Ver.)" "Dumdi Dumdi" Writing
(G)I-DLE "Lost" I Burn Writing
"Hwaa (Chinese Ver.)" "Hwaa" Writing
Herself "Giant" "A Page" Writing
(G)I-DLE "Polaroid" I Never Die Writing
"Liar" Writing
Miyeon "Rain" My Composing
(G)I-DLE "Reset" I Love Composing
"Dark (X-file)" Composing
(G)I-DLE "All Night" I Feel Writing
"Peter Pan"
(G)I-DLE "Doll" 2 Writing
Herself "Freak" Yuq1
"My Way"
"Drink It Up"
"On Clap" Writing
"Everytime" Writing
(G)I-DLE "Last Forever" I Sway Writing



Reality shows[]

  • Stage Boom (iQIYI, 2021–present)
  • Mad Zenius (Mnet, 2022) - MC[11]

Variety shows[]

  • Keep Running (Zhejiang Television, 2019–present)
  • Law of the Jungle (SBS, 2019)
  • Learn Way (1theK, 2020–2021)


During her trainee years, she was a model for the local South Korean skin care line Rising Star Cosmetics (aside with Minnie and Shuhua). Most of her solo activities and endorsement were in China.

  • Vivlas, beauty brand (April 28, 2019)
  • Anmuxi, a yogurt brand, after star working in the popular chinese program, Running Man ( 2019- Present)
  • Momenten, a sugar-free sparkling alcohol brand (2021)
  • Limeflare, a fashion and jewelry brand (2021)
  • Kiehl's (2021)
  • Gentle Monster, sunglasses brand. (2021)
  • Givenchy (2021)
  • Valentino Beauty (July, 2021 - Present)
  • Ray-Ban, become the face of luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses Ray-Ban (Augest 2021)
  • Carslan, makeup brand (September, 2021)
  • Loro piana (October, 2021)
  • Armani (2019- Present)
  • Kenzo (November, 2021)
  • Rimowa (Nov 2021 - Present)
  • ABCF (along with Minnie, 2022)
  • Into You, she was announced as a brand spokesperson for Chinese cosmetics brand (February 2023)
  • Boy by boy, chinese clothes brand (March, 2023)
  • Groove rhyme (September, 2023)
  • Serybox, healthy supplement (October, 2023)
  • Fendi, she was announced as their global brand ambassador (January 8, 2024)


  • Yuqi is an only child.[12]
  • She speaks Chinese, Korean and English.[13]
  • Her MBTI personality type is ENFJ.[14]
  • She attended Beijing 101 Middle School.[15]
  • Growing up, she practiced the Chinese folk dance daizu.[13]
  • She became interested in K-pop in middle school.[13]
  • Yuqi and Minnie are big Super Junior fans.[16]
  • Yuqi auditioned for Cube Entertainment by singing CLC's "High Heels" and G.E.M's "Bubble".
  • In the group, she is in charge of aegyo.[13]
  • She admires Victoria.[15]
  • She was nominated for "The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2020".[18]
    • In the end she placed 98th.[19]
  • If she could choose to live anywhere other than South Korea or her native China, she would choose to live in Los Angeles, California, USA.[20]


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