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Youngjae (영재) is a South Korean singer-songwriter, composer, actor and musical actor under AndBut Company. He is the main vocalist of the boy group GOT7.

As a composer, he goes by the name Ars, which means "art" in Latin.

He made his solo debut on October 5, 2021 with his first mini album Colors from Ars.


2013–2014: Joining JYP Entertainment, GOT7[]

Youngjae became a trainee in JYP Entertainment sometime in 2013, only seven months before he debuted in the boy group GOT7 on January 16 with the mini album Got It?.[4]

2017: King of Mask Singer[]

Youngjae appeared on the singing competition show King of Mask Singer as 'King of Toy Machines', singing "Look Back At Me" by Deux in a duet.[5] He won, making it to the second round, during which he sang Kim Bum Soo's "It Will Pass".[6] Despite losing, "he received great praise from the panel".[7]

2018: Immortal Songs[]

He appeared solo on Immortal Songs, performing Kim Yeon Ja's "Mercury Lamp".[8]

2020: Idol Radio, clothing line, campaign for organ donation[]

Youngjae became the new host of Idol Radio on May 18, 2020, alongside DAY6's Young K[9], fulfilling his long time dream to be a radio host.[10]

On May 25, 2020, he launched a clothing line titled "Ars X Coco" with products aimed at both humans and their dogs. His own dog, Coco, appeared in the clothing line's promotional video and preview photos.[11] The sale was open for only two weeks, and part of the profits was redistributed to animal shelters and animal advocacy organizations.[12]

In September, Youngjae was announced as being part of the cast of the upcoming Netflix series So Not Worth It, which is scheduled to air in 2021.[13]

Youngjae participated in a campaign for organ donation in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Welfare of South Korea (MOHW) and the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KDCA). In July, he appeared on the program Kwanghee & Jo Subin’s Guest House during which the topics of life sharing and organ donation were discussed. Then, in December, he released the song "Everything For You". The track contains lyrics expressing both the point of view of an organ donor and of its beneficiary. These lyrics also carry a message of gratitude, and were written by Youngjae himself with help from composer Lee Sang-hoon.[14][15]

2021: Departure from JYP Entertainment, new agency, Midnight Sun, So Not Worth It, solo debut with Colors from Ars[]

On January 10, 2021, it was reported by Dispatch that all GOT7 members would be leaving JYP Entertainment after 7 years of contract, with the 35th Golden Disc Awards being their last activity as a group.[16] On January 11, JYP Entertainment officially announced that the members will be leaving the agency as their contract expires on January 19.[17]

On January 20, it was announced that Youngjae had signed an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency. Following the news, the agency shared a welcoming post on social media, and Youngjae posted a message on Instagram expressing gratefulness to all the people who helped him until now and to the fans.[2]

On March 9, Youngjae was casted as one of the actors playing Ha Ram - one of the two main roles - in the musical Midnight Sun. The musical, a romantic story originating from a 1993 Hong Kong film, will be performed from May 1 to July 25 at Kwanglim Arts Center and will also be live-streamed.[18]

The Netflix series So Not Worth It, in which Youngjae stars as one of the leads, will start airing on June 18.[19]

On September 17, it was announced that Youngjae will be making his solo debut with the mini album Colors from Ars, on October 5.[20]

On December 15, Youngjae released the digital single "Walk With Me".[21]

2022: Sugar and Seven Stars[]

On June 3, 2022, it was announced that Youngjae will be making his comeback with his second mini album Sugar, on June 21.[22]

On June 29, it was announced that he would be one of the three Korean mentors of the Thai reality survival show Seven Stars, alongside Kim Jun Su and Park Jihoon.[23]

2023: "Errr Day", Do It[]

On March 6, 2023, it was announced that Youngjae will be releasing the digital single "Errr Day", on March 12.[24]

On October 16, it was announced that he would be making his return with his first full-length album Do It on November 6.[25]

2024: Departure from SUBLIME, "T.P.O", new agency[]

On April 2, 2024, SUBLIME announced that they had come to a mutual agreement with Youngjae to end his exclusive contract.[3]

On June 22, Youngjae unveiled teaser photos for his fifth digital single "T.P.O", scheduled for July 9.[26]

On June 24, it was announced that Youngjae signed an exclusive contract with AndBut Company.[1]


Studio albums[]

Mini albums[]

Digital singles[]


  • "One Dream One Korea" (with Various Artists) (2015)
  • "Life Insurance Social Philanthropy Foundation Part.2" ("I'm All Ears") (with Jimin Park) (2018)
  • "Irreplaceable" (with F.HERO) (2022)
  • "Colors" (with Yerin) (2022)


  • Sanjoy - "Victim of Love" (with Stephen Rezza & Elliott Yamin) (2017)
  • Lovey - "Hurry" (2021)


  • "Wok of Love OST Part.2" ("At That Time") (2018)
  • "When My Love Blooms OST Part.2" ("Fall in Love") (with Choi Jung Yoon) (2020)
  • "Midnight Sun OST Part.1" ("Meet Me When The Sun Goes Down") (2021)
  • "So I Married an Anti Fan OST Part.1" ("Pop Star") (2021)
  • So Not Worth It OST ("So Not Worth It") (2021)
  • "My Roommate Is A Gumiho OST Part.7" ("You & I" with Soyeon) (2021)
  • "Good Job OST Part.1" ("Closer" with JAY B) (2022)
  • "The Golden Spoon OST Part.7" ("On My Way") (2022)


  • "My Day (내 하루)" (2016)
  • "Trauma" (2016)
  • "Call Button (통화버튼)" (feat. J.praize) (2017)
  • "I Want to Fall Asleep (잠들고 싶어)" (feat. Noday) (2017)

Producing and writing credits[]

Artist Song Album Type
GOT7 "Rewind" Flight Log: Departure Writing
"Hey" Flight Log: Turbulence
"Sick" Writing
GOT7 "Sign" Flight Log: Arrival Writing
"Moon U" 7 for 7
"Kono mune ni" Turn Up
GOT7 "Hesitate" Eyes On You Writing
"Nobody Knows" Present : You
"1:31AM" Present : You & Me Edition
"Think About It"
GOT7 "Reborn" I Won't Let You Go Writing
"Time Out" Spinning Top : Between Security & Insecurity
"Bibouroku" Love Loop
GOT7 "Aura" Dye Writing
"Breath" Breath of Love : Last Piece
Youngjae "Everything For You" Writing
Youngjae "Beautiful" Colors from Ars Writing
Youngjae "Walk With Me" Writing
Lovey feat. Youngjae "Hurry" :) Writing
GOT7 "Drive Me To The Moon" GOT7 Writing
Youngjae "Sugar" Sugar Writing
"With You"
Youngjae "Errr Day" Writing
"Flower" Do It Writing
"Do It"
"Dreaming Again"
"Fluffy" Writing
"Snooze" Writing
"자꾸 네가" Writing
"Never Leave You Alone"


Mini concert tours[]

  • 2022 Youngjae Mini Concert Tour 'Sugar' (2022)[27]

Concert participation[]

  • We All Are One K-Pop Concert 2022 (2022)[28]
  • Grand Wave KPOP Music Festival 2023 (2023)[29]
  • KCON 2023 Thailand (2023)[30]

Musical theater[]



Reality shows[]


  • Candy Lab[33] (2022)


  • His MBTI personality type is ISFJ.[34]
  • Youngjae has a dog named Coco.[35]


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