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Yoon Min (윤민) is a South Korean singer-songwriter and rapper under JYP Entertainment. He is a member of the pre-debut boy group JYPE LOUD.


2021: LOUD

On May 20, he was revealed as a contestant for SBS's audition show LOUD.[1] During the tenth episode, which was aired on August 7, he received and accepted the casting offer from JYP Entertainment.[2] In the final round he and the 4 members of Team JYP won the online vote, thus automatically being announced as part of the group.


Other releases


Reality shows

  • LOUD (SBS, 2021) - contestant

Producing and writing credits

Artist Song Album Type
Kauhaxi "Y (feat. Yoon Min & 이제)" Writing, composing
Himself, Eun Hwi, Justin Kim & Daniel Jikal "Toy Story" LOUD 3Round. JYP's Pick
Himself, Daniel Jikal, Cheon Jun Hyeok & Kim Dong Hyun "Actor" LOUD 4Round PSY's Pick Part.1
Himself "One way" LOUD 5Round JYPSY's Casting Part.2
Team JYP "Get Loud" LOUD - Grand Finale - Writing


  • His MBTI personality type is INTP.[4]
  • He was a model student growing up and went to Dongsung High School, an autonomous private high school. He dropped out and enrolled in Hanlim Multi Art School to pursue music.[4]
  • He used to be a Cube Entertainment trainee, and was part of the debut lineup back in 2019.[4]
  • His nicknames on his self-written profile are Snorlax, Puppy, Hedgehog.[4]
  • He relieves stress by spending time alone, organizing his mind, and talking to someone he can rely on.[4]
  • He was the school vice president during 6th grade.[4]
  • PSY originally casted him for P Nation Team during the audition round.[4]
  • Throughout Loud, he has only performed original compositions, except during the team battle evaluation round and live show rounds.
  • He participated in writing, composing, and choreographing on the show.[4]
  • He was praised for being selfless and taking good care of his teammates. When JYP consulted his staff, they said they fell in love with him due to the way he behaved in the company, he was described as being considerate, diligent and sacrificial.[4]





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