Yook Sungjae (육성재; or Sungjae) is a South Korean singer and actor under Cube Entertainment. He is the youngest member of the boy group BTOB and its sub-unit BTOB-BLUE.


2019-2020: 3X2=6 Project and Yook O'clock

On December 20, 2019, a teaser photo was released on the BTOB twitter teasing the single "3X2=6 Part 1".[1] The single was to be a part of his single project where he was to release two songs every month for 3 months. The next day, teaser photos of him in the studio were released.[2] On the 23rd, the track list was released with the audio teasers being released on the 24th.[3][4] The single and the lyric video was officially released on the 26th and 27th respectively.[5]

A teaser photo displaying the date "4/6" was released on January 8, 2020 with another being released on the 10th.[6][7] The track list for "3X2=6 Part 2" was revealed on the 13th with the audio teasers being released on the 15th.[8][9] The single was released on the 16th with the lyric videos for the songs being released the next day.[10][11]

A teaser photo displaying "6/6" was released on February 1.[12] The track list was released on the 4th with the audio teasers being released the next day.[13][14] The single "3X2=6 Part 3" was released on the 6th with the lyric videos being released on the next day.[15]

On February 17, it was announced that he will be releasing the special album Yook O'clock on March 2.[16]


Special albums

Digital singles



  • Louie - "On The Four Lane Road" (2016)





  • Gmarket (2015)
  • Mamonde (2016)
  • BLACK YAK (2016)
  • Overwatch (2017)
  • THERMOS (2017)
  • AkiiClassic (2017)
  • Fitz (with Joy) (2018)
  • yanolja (2018)
  • Dongji cold noodles (2016)
  • SOMEBYMI (2019)


  • His MBTI personality type is ENTP.[17]





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