Yoojung (유정) is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter and actress under Fantagio Music. She is a member of the girl group Weki Meki and its special unit WJMK. She is also a former member of the project girl group I.O.I.


2016–2017: Produce 101, I.O.I

In January 2016, Yoojung appeared as a contestant on the survival show Produce 101 where she represented Fantagio Music. She ranked 3rd place in the finale, thus becoming a member of I.O.I.[1] The group officially debuted on May 4, 2016 with their first mini album Chrysalis.

On January 29, 2017, the group disbanded following the release of their third and final digital single "Downpour".

2017: Debut with Weki Meki

On May 1, 2017, Fantagio Music announced that Yoojung, alongside fellow I.O.I member Doyeon, would be debuting in a new girl group together.[2]

On June 3, 2017, Yoojung was introduced as the first member of Weki Meki.[3] The group made their debut on August 8, 2017 with their first mini album Weme.





  • To Be Continued (Naver TV Cast, 2015)
  • Idol Fever (Naver TV Cast, 2017)
  • Cast: Inssa Golden Age (2020)

Reality shows

  • Produce 101 (Mnet, 2016) - contestant
  • Golden Tambourine (Mnet, 2016–2017)
  • Produce 101 Season 2 (Mnet, 2017) - MC (Ep. 5)
  • King of Mask Singer (2017) - (Eps. 131–132)
  • V-1 (tvN, 2019) - contestant

Music video appearances

  • ASTRO - "Breathless"
  • Golden Tamborine - "Rise and Fall" (2017)

Producing and writing credits

Year Artist Song Album Type
2016 I.O.I "I.O.I (Intro)" Chrysalis Writing
"Dream Girls"
"Do As I Say" Miss Me?
2017 Weki Meki "Stay with Me" Weme
"Pretty Boy (iTeen Girls Special)"
2018 "Crush" "Kiss, Kicks"
"True Valentine"
2019 "Whatever U Want" "Lock End LOL"


  • G Market (2016)
  • Baskin Robins (2016)
  • Korean Graphic Novels (2016)
  • Comica (2016)
  • MOVE (2017)
  • Blue Mountain (2017)
  • Lipton Sticks (2017)
  • King's Raid Pandemonium (2019)


  • She has trained for 4 years and 3 months, if including Produce 101, then she has trained for 4 years and 7 months.
    • Coincidentally, this is the same amount of time of her fellow I.O.I member, Nayoung.
  • During the production of Produce 101, Yoojung received the nickname "Wink Fairy" due to her excessive winking.
  • She is also known for her various expressions when dancing, for example during the third evaluation on Produce 101, her expressions on stage made her win first place within her group and made the fans give her the nickname "Expression Queen".
  • She was the center for the first evaluation on Produce 101.
  • She was known to have really bad sleeping habits, from sleeping in random places to snoring really loud, her members from I.O.I had a hard time sleeping because of her.
  • When she was a kid, she wanted to be a teacher or a police officer.
  • Her parents run a pork cutlet resturant.[4]



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