Yigyer (이겨) is a South Korean singer. She was the leader of the girl group Ye-A.


2014-2015: Ye-A

On February 25, 2014, Yigyer was introduced as the leader of Ye-A under her birth name Hwang Hyun Jin. The original plan was that the group would debut in April, but those plans fell through.[1] She eventually made her debut with the group in July of the same year, when they released their first single "National Treasure".

A month later, in August, Ye-A announced Yigyer would go on hiatus due to her admission into New York University. [2]


  • She is the daughter of soccer player Hwang Seonhong who played over 100 matches for the Korean national team[3]
  • Right after debut, Yigyer said she would also like to try MC-ing, acting, and appear on as a fixed cast member on a show[4]


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