YeoJin (여진) is a South Korean singer and rapper under BlockBerryCreative. She is a member of the girl group LOONA and its sub-unit LOONA 1/3.


2017: Reveal, solo debut

On January 4, 2017, she was revealed as the fourth member of LOONA. Her solo single album, titled "YeoJin" was released on January 16.

2018: Debut with LOONA

On August 20, 2018, LOONA debuted as a full twelve-member group with their first mini album + +.


Single albums


  • YeoJin is the shortest and youngest member of LOONA.
  • YeoJin is a member of unit LOONA 1/3 - she represents the slash symbol, but was initially excluded from the first album and promotions.
    • YeoJin was not allowed to participate in 1/3 promotions due to her performance in school.
  • In the audition, she got accepted singing SNSD's "Into the New World".
  • Fans say that she resembles HaSeul a lot to the point they can look like real siblings.
  • Her role models are S.E.S..
  • She would like to try a sexy concept one day.
  • Her nickname is Bean, Lentil Bean and Ttong-geul-yi.
  • She said on LOONA TV #300, she became trainees at the same time with Choerry and Haseul.






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