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We are all heroes! Hello, we are Xdinary Heroes!

—Xdinary Heroes

Xdinary Heroes (엑스디너리 히어로즈) is a six-member boy band under JYP Entertainment and Studio J. They made their debut on December 6, 2021 with the digital single "Happy Death Day".

Their name is an abbreviation of "Extra Ordinary Heroes", meaning "anyone can become a hero".[1]



On July 13, 2021, JYP Entertainment applied for a trademark right for "Xdinary Heroes".[2]

On October 24, JYP Entertainment posted a teaser titled "Coming up Next" hinting at a new group's debut. On November 1, they released another teaser, "Heroes are Coming".[3]

On November 8, the company released a new teaser revealing the group's name, Xdinary Heroes, and opened the group's SNS accounts.[4]

On November 15, Jooyeon was officially announced as the group's first member,[5] followed by on November 16,[6] Gaon on November 17,[7] Jun Han on November 18,[8] Jungsu on November 19,[9] and Gunil on November 20.[10] A teaser titled "Origin of Xdinary Heroes was released on November 21.[11]

Starting from November 22, JYP Entertainment released performance videos, revealing the members' positions. Jooyeon was shown playing the bass,[12] followed by playing the synthesizer on November 23,[13] Gaon playing the electric guitar on November 24,[14], Jun Han playing the electric guitar on November 25,[15] and Jungsu playing the keyboard on November 26,[16] and Gunil playing the drums on November 27.[17]

2021: Debut with "Happy Death Day"

On November 29, Xdinary Heroes announced that they would debut on December 6 with their first digital single, "Happy Death Day".[18]

2022: Hello, World!

On April 22, Xdinary Heroes hinted at their first-ever comeback by uploading a teaser titled "Xdinary Heroes Awakening".[19] On June 27, they released a new video entitled "How to enjoy ♭form with Xdinary Heroes".[20] On June 27, 2022, a coming soon teaser was posted on the group's social media accounts which revealed that the group would be releasing their first mini album, Hello, World! on July 20.[21]


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Gunil (건일) Leader, Drummer, Vocalist 2021–present
Jungsu (정수) Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Keyboardist 2021–present
Gaon (가온) Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Electric Guitarist 2021–present (오드) Main Rapper, Vocalist, Synthesizer, Keyboardist 2021–present
Jun Han (준한) Vocalist, Electric Guitarist 2021–present
Jooyeon (주연) Main Vocalist, Rapper, Bassist, Maknae 2021–present


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