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Weeekly (위클리) is a seven-member girl group under Play M Entertainment. They debuted on June 30, 2020 with their first mini album We Are.[1][2]


2018–2020: Pre-debut

Since the beginning of the project, its lineup of trainees saw many changes. On September 1, 2018, FAVE Entertainment announced that trainees Lee Soomin, Park Soyeon, and Kim Bowon had left the agency and the project after terminating their contracts.[3]

On October 18, FAVE announced its plans to debut a new girl group, tentatively named FAVEGIRLS, sometime in early 2019. A pre-debut showcase, titled WE?, that would feature seven "candidates" of the group, was set to be held on November 11.[4]

Starting on October 21, the seven trainees were revealed every day via social media. The first trainee to be revealed was Lee Soojin, followed by Monday, Park Haelin, Shin Jiyoon, Park Soeun, Kim Gaeun, and finally Lee Jaehee on October 27.[5]

On February 13, 2019, Kakao M announced that FAVE Entertainment and Plan A Entertainment would be merging. The company's new name, Play M Entertainment, was announced on March 29.[6][7] Thus, the group's name was changed to PlayM GIRLS and debut preparations were delayed.

In July, trainee Park Haelin left PlayM and the project to focus on her studies.[8] In August, Kim Gaeun also left both the agency and the group.[9] By October, trainees Han Jihyo and Cho Hyewon had officially joined the pre-debut lineup.[10]

On April 28, 2020, the group uploaded a video, titled 'Who R U?', to their official YouTube channel. Through the video, the stage names for Jihan (formerly Han Jihyo) and Zoa (formerly Cho Hyewon) were revealed.[11]

2020: Debut with We Are, fandom name, first comeback

On May 7, 2020, Play M confirmed PlayM GIRLS would be making their debut sometime in June.[1] On May 11, the group's debuting name Weeekly and its members were revealed.[12] On June 11, a teaser scheduler revealed the release of the group's first mini album, We Are, was set for June 30.[2][13] On June 16, a concept trailer for the album was released.[14]

On June 30, the group officially debuted with the mini album We Are and its title track "Tag Me (@Me)".

On August 20, an official poll on the group's Daum Cafe revealed the group's official fandom name to be "Dailee", which means "without Dailee (Daily), Weeekly cannot exist."[15] The official announcement was made three days later on August 23.[16]

On September 8, a source from Play M Entertainment revealed the group is currently preparing for their first ever comeback, planning for release in October.[17]


Name Position(s) Color[18] Day[19] Planet[18] Years active
Lee Soojin (이수진) Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Center      Light Pink Sunday Sun 2020–present
Shin Jiyoon (신지윤) Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper      Gold Wednesday Mercury 2020–present
Monday (먼데이) Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper      Blue Monday Moon 2020–present
Park Soeun (박소은) Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist      Sky Blue Thursday Jupiter 2020–present
Lee Jaehee (재희) Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual      Purple Saturday Saturn 2020–present
Jihan (지한) Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer      Red Tuesday Mars 2020–present
Zoa (조아) Main Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae      Silver Friday Venus 2020–present
Park Haelin (박해린) Leader, Lead Vocalist      Red N/A N/A 2018–2019
Kim Gaeun (김가은) Main Rapper, Vocalist      Purple N/A N/A 2018–2019


Mini albums


  • Lee Soojin, Shin Jiyoon, Park Soeun, and pre-debut member Park Haelin were contestants on the survival show MIXNINE.
  • They are the first girl group to debut under PlayM Entertainment in ten years–the last group being Apink.
  • Lee Soojin, Shin Jiyoon, and Park Soeun are the only remaining members from the group's original pre-debut lineup.
  • Jihan is the only trainee from Plan A Entertainment to make it to the final lineup.
  • Their role model is their sister girl group Apink.[20]
  • The group's average height is 168 cm.[21]







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