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WayV (Chinese: 威神V, pronounced as "WeiShenV") is a six-member boy group formed by SM Entertainment, and the fourth and the Chinese sub-unit of NCT. Originally as seven, they debuted in China on January 17, 2019 with their first digital EP, The Vision.[2]

The group is produced by SM Entertainment but managed by their China-exclusive, Label V.[3]


2019: The Vision, "Rainbow V", Take Off and Take Over the Moon[]

On January 17, 2019, they debuted with their first EP, The Vision. They released a music video for the title track "Regular". A dance practice for one of the side tracks "Come Back" was also released on January 21.[4] On January 22, a group teaser photo was released for the B side, "Dream Launch".[5] A music video teaser was shared on January 23 and the music video was released on January 24.[5][6] On January 26, individual teaser photos of Kun, Ten, Winwin, and Lucas were shared with individual photos of Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang being shared the next day on January 27.[5]

During the beginning of the year, they filmed the series "Rainbow V" where they prepared three different performances to express their creativity.[7] The series consists of 6 episodes and 3 different performances which could be found on WayV's official YouTube Channel. The group had split into the following 3 different groups: Kun and Xiaojun; Ten and Winwin; and Lucas, Hendery, and Yangyang. 2 of the 3 performances are dances (Kun and Xiaojun's performance is a vocal cover).

WayV then released teasers for the mini album Take Off starting on May 1, 2019.[8] The mini album included three new tracks along with the three previous tracks from The Vision. A music video was released for the title track "Take Off" along with a performance video and dance practice for the song on May 9, May 16, and May 27, respectively.[9][10][11] The song "Let Me Love U" got a self-filmed music video which was released on WayV's official YouTube Channel.

On September 20, WayV officially launched a fan club under the Lysn and revealed the fandom name "WayZenNi".[1]

On October 22, WayV released a symbol image of their logo along with a scheduler for the mini album Take Over the Moon.[12] Teaser images for each of the members were released on October 23 while a group teaser image was released on October 24.[12] On October 25, individual photos was released of Winwin, Xiaojun, and Yangyang, along with a unit photo.[12] Similarly, on October 26, individual photos of Kun, Ten, Lucas, and Hendery were released, along with another unit photo.[12] A moving image of their new symbol was released on October 27, while a music video teaser for the title track "Moonwalk" was released on October 28.[12] The music video for "Moonwalk", along with the release of the album, was on October 29.[13] A new group teaser image was released on October 31, following the release of their album.[12]

2020: Take Over the Moon - Sequel, Awaken The World & NCT 2020 Resonance[]

On March 13, WayV released a special album, Take Over the Moon - Sequel, as thank you for their fans.

The group held their first solo concert, Beyond the Vision, on May 3 as part of SM and Naver's live concert streaming service Beyond LIVE.[14]

On June 9, the group released their first full-length album, Awaken The World, with "Turn Back Time" as the title track. On June 18, the Korean Version of "Turn Back Time" was released with its accompanying music video. On June 29, WayV released an English Version of their B-Side "Bad Alive" from Awaken The World.

WayV joined the rest of NCT as NCT 2020 to release their second studio album, NCT Resonance Pt. 1. To promote the album, Yang Yang and Hendery joined NCT 127's Taeyong & Johnny, NCT Dream's Mark and Jeno, and newcomer Sungchan on the pre-release track video for "Misfit", released on October 9. On October 12, Lucas and Xiao Jun joined Taeyong, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Jaemin and newcomer Shotaro for the first title track of Resonance "Make A Wish", released on the same day as the album with an accompanying music video, as well as an English Version with a lyric video. Kun joined Taeil, Yuta, Doyoung, Renjun, Haechan and Chenle for the second title track "From Home", sung in Korean, English, Japanese and Mandarin. WayV also released the song "Nectar" as a b-side of the album.

On November 23, NCT 2020 re-released the album as NCT Resonance Pt. 2. Ten, Winwin and Yang Yang joined Mark, Jeno, Haechan and Sungchan for the first title track of the repackage "90's Love", released on the same day as the album with its music video. Ten also joined Hendery, Johnny, Yuta, Jungwoo, Jaemin and Jisung in the second title track "Work It", with its music video released on November 27.

On December 4, NCT 2020 released the digital single Resonance, a mashup of "Make A Wish", "90's Love", "Work It" and the B-Side "Raise The Roof" (the original of which included Kun and Hendery).

2021: Kick Back, sub-units, upcoming second studio album, Winwin and Lucas's hiatus[]

On February 23, WayV announced that they would be coming back with their 3rd mini album, Kick Back. On March 10, they released the album with the title track of the same name. Lucas and Winwin were absent during the promotional cycle of the album due to their solo schedules in China.

On June 23, Kun and Xiao Jun debuted as WayV's first sub-unit with the digital single "Back To You" and its music video, as well as a music video for the English version. Five days later, at the SM Congress 2021, Lee Soo-man and Kun revealed that WayV is preparing their second studio album.

On August 17, Ten and Yang Yang debuted as WayV's second sub-unit with the digital single "Low Low". On August 25, Lucas and Hendery were set to debut as WayV's third sub-unit with the single "Jalapeño", but the release was post-poned indefinitely due to the controversy surrounding Lucas' past behaviour with ex-girlfriends. On the same day, it was announced from SM that Lucas would be halting all schedules and take time to reflect on his actions. WayV is currently active as 6 members.[15]

2022: Phantom[]

On September 30, during the third episode of NCT show, WayV confirmed that they are preparing for their fourth mini album. On November 23, it was announced that WayV will release their fourth mini album, Phantom on December 9.[16] However, on November 30, Label V announced that the album's release would be delayed.[17] It was later announced that the new release date would be December 28.[18]

2023: "Welcome To My Paradise", Lucas' departure, On My Youth[]

On May 6, WayV released their first Japanese digital single "Welcome To My Paradise".[19]

On May 10, SM Entertainment announced that Lucas had departed from the group and NCT after 2 years of hiatus.[20]

On May 24, SM Entertainment announced that the group will be releasing their second full-length album in October.[21] On October 16, it was announced that WayV will release their second full-length album, On My Youth, on November 1.[22]

2024: Winwin's hiatus, Give Me That, Japanese debut[]

On February 8, 2024, SM Entertaiment revealed that WayV will be releasing a mini album in the second half of the year.[23] On May 8, SM confirmed that WayV will be releasing a mini album in the second quarter of the year, as well as a Japanese mini album in the third.[24] That same day, it was reported that the mini album will be released in early June.[25] On May 13, it was announced that the group will be releasing their fifth mini album, Give Me That, on June 3.[26]

Winwin did not participate in this release due to scheduled conflicts with his solo activities in China.

On July 2, it was announced that WayV will be debuting in Japan with the mini album The Highest, on September 25.[27]


Member Position Years active
English Korean Japanese
Kun クン Leader, Main Vocalist 2019–present
Ten テン Main Dancer, Main Vocalist, Center, Face of the Group 2019–present
Xiao Jun 샤오쥔 シャオジュン Main Vocalist 2019–present
Hendery 헨더리 ヘンドリー Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual 2019–present
Yang Yang 양양 ヤンヤン Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae 2019–present
Winwin 윈윈 ウィンウィン Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual 2019–present
Lucas 루카스 ルーカス Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Visual, Center, Face Of The Group 2019–2021[Notes 1]




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  • "Falling Into Your Smile OST" ("Everytime") (2021)


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  • The group was first announced under the tentative name "NCT China".[33]
  • Is the second fixed sub unit in NCT after NCT 127.
  • WayV stands for "We are your Vision".
  • WayV debuted in China under Label V (SM Entertainment's Chinese label) without the name of NCT or SM Entertainment due to political issues between Korea and China. Nowadays, every Korean brand has restrictions on the Chinese market. This was decided in order to promote without any problem.
  • WayV is the only NCT sub unit that does not name their fandom NCTzen (fans are called WayZenNi).
  • The group promotes mainly in China, but they can also promote in other countries and participate in future NCT activities.


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