W PROJECT is a project by Woollim Entertainment that originally consisted of releases throughout 2017 to introduce and showcase their trainees.

Following the third release, the six male trainees introduced debuted in the 11-member boy group Golden Child on August 28, 2017.

The project was revived in 2019 for W PROJECT 4.[1]


Woollim Girls

Woollim Boys



# Title Artist(s) Release date
1 "No One Like You" Joo Chan and So Yoon January 20, 2017
2 "Drought" Jang Jun and Young Taek February 13, 2017
3 N/A (Performance video) Dae Yeol, Jae Seok, and Dong Hyun March 31, 2017
4 "1M1S" Kim Dong Yun, Lee Hyeop, Kim Min Seo, Lee Sung Jun, Joo Chang Uk, and Hwang Yun Seong September 2, 2019


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