WOW (와우) is an upcoming seven-member boy group under A.CONIC. They will make their debut on March 8, 2021.

They were originally expected to make their debut in late October 2020, then to December 2020.[1][2]

Their name is an abbreviation for "Wizard of the World".


2020–present: Pre-debut

On September 22, 2020, A.CONIC revealed that they would be debuting a seven-member boy group called WOW in late October 2020. The group will include former Produce X 101 contestant Kwon Taeeun and former T.E.N member Choi Yonghun. The group will also includes two models, Joo Wondae and Yoon Daro, former idol Yooseong, and two actors, Jeon Sejin and Lee Pando. Kwon Taeeun, Jeon Sejin, and Joo Wondae were also members of the pre-debut band A.FACT, with Sejin as a former member of the group The King.[1] On November 15, 2020, it was revealed that WOW would be debuting in December during an announcement of A.CONIC's collaboration with fashion magazine Esquire Korea for "Esquire E-SHOP".[2]

On February 26, 2021, A.CONIC released a debut teaser image for "Miss You", which will be released on March 8.[3]


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Kwon Taeeun (권태은) 2020–present
Choi Yonghun (최용훈) 2020–present
Joo Wondae (주원대) 2020–present
Yoon Daro (윤다로) 2020–present
Yooseong (유성) 2020–present
Jeon Sejin (전세진) 2020–present
Lee Pando (이판도) 2020–present




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