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WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls; Korean: 우주소녀, Chinese: 宇宙少女) is a 13-member girl group formed by Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment. They debuted on February 25, 2016 with their first mini album Would You Like?.

The group consists of members from South Korea and China.


2015: Pre-debut

On November 15, 2015, Starship Entertainment announced its plans to debut a new girl group in early 2016, although the debuting lineup of members had yet to be decided.[citation needed]

On December 5, Starship Entertainment revealed their new girl group, named Cosmic Girls, would be made up of 12 Korean and Chinese members[1] Later that day, it was confirmed that EXY, a former contestant on Unpretty Rapstar 2, would be part of the group's lineup.[2] Five days later, on December 10, Bona, Cheng Xiao, and Dayoung were revealed as part of the group's "Wonder Unit".[3][4] On December 17, the second three-members of Xuan Yi, Eunseo, and Yeoreum were revealed as part of the "Joy Unit".[5] The six revealed members released a cover of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on December 22.[6]

On December 25, members SeolA, EXY, and Soobin were announced as making up the group's "Sweet Unit".[7] Finally, on December 31, Luda, Dawon, and Mei Qi were revealed as part of the fourth and final unit, the "Natural Unit".[8]

2016: Debut with Would You Like?, Y TEEN, addition of Yeonjung, and The Secret

On January 4, 2016, Starship Entertainment announced that Cosmic Girls would officially be debuting in February. On February 11, a teaser photo posted across the group's social medias announced their debut mini album, Would You Like?, would be released on February 24. On this day, the mini album, along with its title track "MoMoMo" were released. The next day, the group held their debut performance on Mnet's M! Countdown. On March 9, the group released a music video for "Catch Me", a b-side track from their debut mini album.[9]

WJSN promoting Would You Like?

On July 1, Starship Entertainment announced plans to debut a special collaboration unit made up of members from WJSN and MONSTA X.[10] Later on, it was revealed that seven members of WJSN (SeolA, Exy, Soobin, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao, Dayoung, and Yeoreum) would take part in the collaborative unit, named Y TEEN.[11] The group's first and only digital single, "Do Better", was released on August 6.

On July 10, a mysterious video teaser hinted at the addition of a 13th member, widely believed to be Produce 101 contestant and I.O.I member Yeonjung.[12] Later that day, Starship Entertainment confirmed Yeonjung's addition to the group, whilst clarifying that she would continue to carry out I.O.I promotions until the group's disbandment in January 2017.[13]

On July 28, teaser photos posted across the group's social medias announced the release of their second mini album, titled The Secret. This marked the group's first-ever comeback and first release with 13 members.[14] The mini album, along with its title track of the same name, were released on August 17.

On December 14, a coming soon image teaser was posted across the group's social medias featuring the date "January 2017", hinting at a new comeback.[15] A scheduler posted on December 18 revealed WJSN's third mini album From.WJSN would be released on January 3, 2017.[16]

2017: From.WJSN, fandom name, first concert, Happy Moment, "Kiss Me"

On January 3, 2017, WJSN released their third mini album, named From.WJSN, and the music video for its title track "I Wish". A week later, on January 11, the group revealed their official fanclub name to be "Ujung (우정)". The name means "friendship" in Korean, but was also described by the group as an abbreviation for the Korean phrase for "space station".[17]

WJSN promoting Happy Moment

On April 3, the group announced via Twitter that they would be holding their first-ever concert, Would You Like – Happy Moment, on May 19 and 20 at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Seoul.[18]

On May 18, it was announced that WJSN would be making a comeback in early June with their first studio album.[19] The album, titled Happy Moment, along with the music video for its title track "Happy", were released on June 7. The first week sales of Happy Moment were three-times that of the group's previous releases with over 10,300 copies sold.[20]

In collaboration with the makeup brand KissMe, on July 14, the group released a promotional digital singled titled "Kiss Me".

On September 1, the group announced their official fan colors: Vivid Tangerine, Airforce Blue, and Timberwolf.[21] Moreover, the design of the group's official lightstick, which became available for purchase in December of the same year, was unveiled.

2018: Dream Your Dream, WJ Please?, first music show win

The group promoting Dream Your Dream

On January 31, 2018, Starship Entertainment confirmed industry reports that WJSN was preparing for a comeback, set for a February 27 release.[22] On this day, the group's fourth mini album, Dream Your Dream, was released.

WJSN held their first-ever fanmeeting event, "Uzzu Party - Welcome To WJSN", on March 25 at Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul.[23] However, members Xuan Yi and Mei Qi were unable to attend due to their participation in Produce 101 China.[24]

In May, members SeolA and Luda collaborated with Weki Meki's Doyeon and Yoojung to form the special unit WJMK. The unit's first and only single, "Strong" was released on June 1.

On September 2, a teaser photo posted across the group's social medias announced their comeback with the mini album WJ Please? on September 19.[25] The next day, Starship Entertainment announced that members Xuan Yi, Cheng Xiao, and Mei Qi would not be participating in the album or its promotions due to conflicting schedules.[26] Prior to the album's release, the music video for the title track "Save Me, Save You" was released on September 16.

WJSN achieved their first career music show win on October 2, 2018, at SBS' The Show with their song "Save Me, Save You".[27]

2019: WJ Stay?, members' hiatus, second concert, For the Summer, As You Wish

On December 19, 2018, Starship Entertainment confirmed WJSN's plans for an early January comeback.[28] Five days later, on December 24, it was announced that Xuan Yi, Cheng Xiao, and Mei Qi would yet again not participate in the comeback.[29] As of June 2022, the three members have yet to return to activities as members of WJSN.

WJSN's sixth mini album, titled WJ Stay?, was released on January 8, 2019.

Group concept photo for As You Wish

From March 2–3, the group held their second solo concert, Would You Stay: Secret Box, at the Blue Sqaure I-Market Hall in Seoul.[30]

On May 18, the group announced that they would be releasing a special album, For the Summer, on June 4.[31] On this day, the album, along with its title track "Boogie Up", were released.

On October 19, local news source OSEN reported that WJSN was gearing up for their third comeback of the year in November.[32] These reports were later proven true, and on November 19, WJSN's sixth mini album As You Wish was released.

2020: Planned third concert, Neverland, "Let Me In", and WJSN CHOCOME debut

On December 19, 2019, WJSN announced their third solo concert tour, 2020 WJSN Concert 'Obliviate', would be held on February 22 and 23 at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul.[33] Additional stops in Osaka and Tokyo were announced on December 27.[34] However, on February 10, 2020, Starship Entertainment announced the tour's Seoul concerts would be postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19.[35] On March 20, KISS Entertainment also announced the postponement of their Japan concerts to July 2020.[36] By May 15, it was announced their Japan concerts would be cancelled due to the worsening spread of COVID-19 and that tickets will be refunded.[37]

On May 8, 2020, Starship Entertainment confirmed WJSN would be making a comeback in June.[38] The group's eighth mini album, called Neverland, along with its title track "Butterfly", were released a month later on June 8.

In collaboration with the platform UNIVERSE, on September 23, WJSN released the digital single "Let Me In". That same day, it was announced the group would be debuting their first sub-unit, WJSN CHOCOME, on October 7 with their first single album "Hmph!".[39] On this day, the single album, along with its title track of the same name, were released.

2021: Unnatural, Dayoung's hiatus, and WJSN THE BLACK debut

On March 14, 2021, a teaser posted on WJSN's official social medias announced their comeback later in the month.[40] On March 31, the group released their ninth mini album Unnatural.

On April 24, Starship announced that member Dayoung would be entering a health-related hiatus due to her being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.[41] Thus, the group's remaining promotions for Unnatural were carried out with 9 members.

On April 26, it was announced the group would be debuting their second sub-unit, WJSN THE BLACK, on May 12 with their first single album "My Attitude".[42] On this day, the single album, along with its title track "Easy", were released.

2022: Queendom 2, Dawon's hiatus, fourth concert, "Sequence"

WJSN for Queendom 2 in February 2022.

On February 21, 2022, Mnet announced WJSN would be competing on the girl group survival show Queendom 2. which would begin airing in late March.[43] The next day, Starship Entertainment announced member Dawon would not participate in the program and would be taking a health-related hiatus.[44] Although also originally unable to participate in the program due to scheduling conflicts, Bona joined the group in the show's eighth episode onwards.

On May 13,, Beyond LIVE announced that WJSN would hold their first simultaneous offline and online concert, titled 'Wonderland', on June 12 at 5pm KST at Olympic Hall.[45] Later information released by Starship Entertainment revealed a second concert date on June 12.[46] Posters released in promotion of the concert featured Dawon, signaling the end of her hiatus.

In Queendom 2's live finale, which was broadcasted on June 2, WJSN was announced as the show's winner. Out of 100,000 possible points, WJSN achieved 81.020.[47] Later that day, a teaser posted across the group's social medias announced their plans for a July comeback.[48] On June 8, their comeback was announced to be a special single album titled "Sequence", which was released on July 5.[49]


Name Representative Zodiac Position(s)
SeolA (설아) Sagittarius Lead Vocalist
Bona (보나) Leo Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Center
EXY (엑시) Scorpio Leader, Main Rapper, Vocalist
Soobin (수빈) Virgo Main Vocalist
Luda (루다) Pisces Vocalist, Rapper
Dawon (다원) Aries Main Vocalist
Eunseo (은서) Gemini Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
Yeoreum (여름) Capricorn Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Dayoung (다영) Taurus Lead Vocalist
Yeonjung (연정) Opiuchus Main Vocalist, Maknae
Xuan Yi (Korean: 선의, Chinese: 宣儀) Aquarius Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Cheng Xiao (Korean: 성소, Chinese: 程瀟) Cancer Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group
Mei Qi (Korean: 미기, Chinese: 美岐) Libra Main Dancer, Vocalist


Concept units

Name Members
Wonder Bona, Cheng Xiao and Dayoung
Joy Xuan Yi, Eunseo and Yeoreum
Sweet Seola, EXY and Soobin
Natural Mei Qi, Luda, Dawon and Yeonjung
Dream Your Dream
Dream Carrier, φορευς Eunseo, Yeoreum, Dayoung and Yeonjung
Dream Collector, αγυρτης Xuan Yi, Exy, Soobin and Cheng Xiao
Dream Promiser, ενυπνιον Seola, Bona, Luda, Dawon and Mei Qi


Studio albums

Mini albums

Special albums

Special single albums

Digital singles

Promotional singles


  • "Two Yoo Project - Sugar Man Part.8" ("Nice To Meet You") (2018)

Participation releases


Concerts participation

  • 2022 UNI-KON[50] (2022)
  • Seezn Summer Concert[51] (2022)
  • 2022 Boryeong Sea Mud Exhibition K-MUD Global Show K-POP Concert[52] (2022)
  • KCON 2022 LA (2022)
  • Gangbyeon Music Festival New Challenge (2022)[53]


Reality shows

  • Would You Like Girls (My Cosmic Diary) (Mnet, 2016)
  • Watch WJSN Show (JTBC, 2017)
  • Queendom 2 (Mnet, 2022) - contestant[54]


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