If South Korea did took part in the Eurovision Song Contest, there will be...

2013: VIXX "On & On" Semifinal place: 1st (156 points), Final place: 2nd= (227 points) (Spokesperson: HaNi of EXID)

2014 ToHeart "Delicious" Semifinal place: 12th (42 points) OUT (Spokesperson: Jonghyun of SHINee)

2015 Jonghyun "Deja-Boo" Semifinal place: 7th (74 points), Final place: 19th (23 points) (Spokesperson: Key of SHINee)

2016 Taemin "Soldier" Semifinal place: 4th (179 points), Final place: 5th (237 points) (Spokesperson: BoA)

2017 Highlight "Plz, Don't be sad" (Entry was GFRIEND "Fingertip" but withdraws) (Spokesperson: Umji of GFRIEND)

2018 Sunmi "Heroine" (Spokesperson: RM of BTS)

2019 Taemin "WANT" (Spokesperson: Mina of TWICE)

Just imagine!

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