Hello fellow Contributors!

When I started contributing and editing to this wiki, I will be completely honest, I was a mess. I'm still am but I have at least improved thanks to the seniors who have greatly gave me advice throughout the entire way. And I have somethings in my head that I wanna address to you wonderful people! First of all, to the great Bureaucrat Blueway, at first I though we went on the wrong foot cause I thought you hated me for having horrendous editing skills, a huge klutz when it comes to naming, and having an ignorant head,, but the thanks to you I actually became a better editor, and I hope in the future we have a great working relationship. To my fellow contributors Jumosan and Dark M Clown, thanks for being pretty chill with me, even though at one point I feel as if you were tempted to delete or block my account, and thanks for giving me advice here and there that I felt improved my skills as a writer.

Anyway, I want to address the idea of trying to get more editors to help improve some of the pages, the most noteworthy pages are mostly group pages where the History of the group needs to be there, and there has to be a way to get more viewers to see that this is a reliable source to look for upcoming debuts to disbandment. I was thinking of trying to promote the wiki but I don't exactly know how to, I have using the Amino app but I'm not sure. Do any of you have ideas to work on? 

With Very Very Very Much Love, BuzzyLaugh

(P.S. This me being sentimental in the middle of the night)

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