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Hello everyone and welcome to this Wiki's bi-monthly update post.

Mobile traffic & new updates

Back in August, FANDOM introduced a new analytics feature for admins. Looking into the statistics, over 60% of all traffic on this Wiki are from mobile alone. That's why in the past two months, there has been updates to infoboxes, and me working on new features to make it more easier and accessible to those users.

This includes the website and sns parameters on the artist's infoboxes. You can now add their official websites and social media accounts into the infoboxes so that you don't have to swipe to the bottom to find them.

For example, adding the template {{Instagram|account name}} under the parameter "sns" (all lowercase), will show up as the Instagram icon with the link to the artist's account ( link= name ).

The full list of SNS accounts supported are under the category Link templates. If there are multiple languages, please separate them and label which is which. The guidelines will be updated also to reflect the new changes. If there are any sites that I missed, please feel free to comment here or on my message wall!

Categories proposal (Update)

In August, I put forth a proposal again that was from last year to get more feedback. So far, it's an even split on using examples 1 and 2. I am leaning towards supported #2 due to arguments made but will take any more feedback before deciding in December.

Working groups

Another question was raised from a user on having working groups on this Wiki so that editors can collaborate together to focus on a specific subject/task.

The groups may include:

  • Manual of Style: Focusing on improving grammar, formatting, links etc.
  • Referencing: Focusing on adding references to articles that need them
  • Expanding: Focusing on expanding articles with more content (eg. new paragraphs in career section)
  • Music: Focusing on music releases (eg. creating new articles on albums/singles, expanding them)
  • TV/Film: Focusing on television/movies (eg. creating new articles on TV shows, films, expanding them)
  • Individuals/Groups: Focusing on artists (eg. expanding their profile, career)

I would also like to gather some feedback to see if this could be implemented in the future as well.

Achievements, questions

Lastly, I had requested the enabling of achievements on this Wiki last month as a fun feature for editors to earn badges and encourage editing. I'm also working on adding images to the badges to make them a little special!

And as always, if you have questions, require assistance, or have suggestions for improvements, please leave a message here!

The next regular post will be in December. Until then, thanks for reading and have a great day!