Hello everyone and welcome to this Wiki's bi-monthly update post.

Milestone stats

In August, the Wiki reached a new record of over 830,000 total views! Also on August 8, we (for a day) reached a new WAM Score peak at #2 on music category and #155 overall. Thank you readers for the continued growth on FANDOM!


A small minor improvement that I have been getting into is music genres. Currently in infoboxes for most artists, "K-pop" (sometimes "J-pop" etc.) has been placed as a default genre. But after consideration, I feel that it is too broad of a category since groups and singers do more specific genres like dance pop, hip-hop, EDM, tropical house and so forth.

So for future edits, it is best that under the genre parameters (found in the Infoboxes musical artist, person, single, song) a more specific genre is listed rather than "K-pop". For example, if a group strictly does R&B, then they should have R&B under that parameter. If they only sung 1 trot song in their career, do not list. This would be a gradual change so if you are not sure about an artist's discography, research first and then edit to see fit. Otherwise leave it as it is. For any questions, please leave a reply below.

Other stuff and questions

Again, I want to remind new editors to check the guidelines on the rules so to make it easier for the admins and mods. If you need assistance, require help or suggestions for improvements, please leave a message here!

The next regular post will be in December. Until then, thanks for reading and have a great day!

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