Hello everyone and welcome to this Wiki's bi-monthly update post.

Mobile improvements

If you noticed on mobile, the site is up-to-date to Wikia's standard. Previously, it just contained contents from main page but now includes a better header, slider, artist/music categories, trending articles and video sections. You can still find the original main page sections under "View more".

As a FANDOM staff member helped curate the mobile main page, they also put in a request to make a mobile app specifically for this community due to the large interest on K-pop! There's no timeline for when or if the app will be done but regardless this wasn't possible without the help from the community and editors so thank you!

New bot

This site now has another bot, BluewayBot. I created it last month as a response to the growing amount of content and the need for help on the more mundane and repetitive edits. This bot will be specifically for general cleanup and changes (eg. adding missing categories etc.). I'm still learning all the settings and options on AWB but I hope it be more of use in the near future.

General questions

If you have general questions on this Wiki like how to get started on editing, suggesting improvements, or other related things, please leave a reply on this post or on my message wall! I am here to help! You can also find this Wiki's guidelines and policies at the navigation bar at the top as well.

Stay tune to the next post which will come in August. Until then, thanks for reading and have a great summer!

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