Hello everyone and welcome to this Wiki's bi-monthly update post.

Holiday photo suggestions

As the holiday season has arrived, you may have noticed the Wiki's change to the red and green holiday colors! In addition to that, I am open to suggestions on changing the header image periodically at the top (which currently shows as falling snow). So if you have a photo of your favorite artist showing their holiday spirit, please feel free to reply on this post with the photo and you might see it next time!

Guideline improvements

In the past month, there has been continue improvements over in the guidelines section to ensure that they are clear and concise for editors and visitors. An example is over at the Layout Guide page where it has been simplified with easier access to the blank article templates (just click on the tab!).


If you need assistance, require help or suggestions for improvements, please leave a message here!

The next regular post will be in February 2019. Until then, thanks for reading and have a happy and safe holiday season!

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