Hey Im BloomingSereneity a discussion mod on here. You can call me really anything but i prefer Annalee. I use they/them pronouns. Im active most on Saturdays and every other day from 3pm to 3 am cst. Im from the us. Ive been into kpop since July of 2020 so I'm kinda sorta new. I stan about 30 groups and including soloist 42 groups and soloist with a variety of sounds and i follow to many groups to count. My ult is The Boyz, they are my crack group i love them so much. How do i survive my multi life? Well by streaming Red Flavor of course!

just the socks hun- take it in

You when Onf performed their song 'The We Must Love' on rtk well im obsessed with it. Like the layering of their voices is beautiful and with the inst- its perfect. i cant believe it has so not wins

BloomingSereneity's official stan list

  • The Boyz - Ult
  • Dreamcatcher -Ult
  • Red Velvet -Ult
  • Loona -Ult
  • Stray Kids -Ult
  • Txt -Ult
  • Nct (All sub-units) - Ult
  • Seventeen - Ult
  • Shinee - Ult
  • Ateez -Stan
  • Enhypen -Stan
  • AleXa -Ult solo
  • SuperM - Stan
  • Dpr Ian - Stan
  • Twice - Stan
  • Youha - Stan
  • P1harmony - Semi
  • Eric Nam -Stan
  • The Rose - Stan
  • Baek A Yeon - Stan
  • Rolling Quarts - Stan
  • Cravity - Stan
  • Woodz -Ult solo
  • Dkb -Stan
  • Victon - Semi
  • Blackpink -Stan
  • Iu -Ult solo
  • Baekhyun - Solo stan (Dont come for me i love Exo but i dont stan sorry) and member of Exo
  • E'last -Stan
  • Sohlhee - Stan
  • Suran - Stan
  • Monsta X -Stan
  • Hyunjun Hur - Ult Solo
  • Day6 -Stan
  • Holland - Stan
  • Itzy -Stan
  • Gwsn -Stan
  • T1419 - Stan
  • Got7 -Stan
  • Momoland -Stan
  • Jamie -Stan
  • A.c.e -Stan
  • Pentagon - Stan

BloomingSereneity's bias list

  • Shinee - Jonghyun
  • P1harmony -Keeho/ Intak/ Jiung
  • Seventeen -Hoshi/ Jeonghan
  • Loona -Vivi (Ult bias)/ Kim Lip
  • Got7 - Jaebeom
  • E'last -Wonjun
  • Nct - Yuta (Ult bias)/ Doyoung
  • Nct Dream -Renjun/ Jisung/ Ot7
  • Nct 127 - Yuta/ Doyoung/ Jungwoo
  • Wayv -YangYang/ Ten
  • The Boyz - Chanhee (Ult Bias)/ Kevin (? idk he might still be my bias its complicated)
  • Blackpink -Jisoo
  • SuperM - Taemin
  • Txt -Yeonjun
  • The Rose - Woosung
  • Momoland -Jooe
  • Dkb -Lune/ Junseo
  • Twice - Dahyun
  • Victon - Hanse (Ult Bias)
  • Enhypen -Jungwon
  • Rolling Quartz - Jayoung
  • Dreamcatcher -Yoohyeon
  • T1419 - Sian
  • Red Velvet -Irene/ Seulgi
  • Cravity - Seongmin
  • Stray Kids - Seungmin
  • Monsta X - Kihyun/ Ot7
  • A.c.e - Ot5/ Yuchan
  • Itzy -Yeji
  • Gwsn - Ot7
  • Day6 -Brian/ Dowoon
  • Ateez - Yeosang
  • Pentagon - Ot10

Other miscellaneous things about me

I would make a list of groups/soloist i regular but i would be wayyy to long so heres a summary. not in a particular order Verivery, Apink, The9 (like the only cpop group i keep up with apart from wayv) Dpr Live, Clc, Iz*one, Sf9, Golden Child, N.Flying, Exo, Taeyeon, Cix, Ab6ix, Wonho and too many more to count. Im really just average and boring. I really like anime. Not shonen more like sad romance and slice of life. Things like Your Lie in April, Clannad, Anohana, Violet Evergarden and so many more. I sleep a lot and thats it.

So i hope you have a good day, stay safe and wear a mask, stream Breaking Dawn and lets get The Boyz a win on Kingdom, and Stan The Boyz i love you bye~~ :))))))

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