UNI (유앤아이) was a pre-debut four-member girl group under TNK Entertainment. They were last active as a group in August 2018, but an official confirmation of the group's disbandment wasn't given until March 2019.[1]

Loha and Siyeon left before the group disbanded. All of the pictures that included them were deleted and they were last tagged in the group's account in June 2018.[2]


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Siwon (시원) N/A 2017–2018
Kyoyeon (교연) N/A 2017–2018
Loha (로하) Leader 2017–2018
Siyeon (시연) Maknae 2017–2018


  • Siwon was a contestant on the first season of Produce 101[3]
  • Both Siwon and Kyoyeon debuted solo in April 2019[4][5]
  • Siyeon and Kyoyeon went by the stage names Cindy and Sky for a while but returned to their birth names[6]




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