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Hi, tripleS! Hello, we are tripleS!
(Hi, tripleS! 안녕하세요, 트리플에스입니다!)


tripleS (Korean: 트리플에스; Japanese: トリプルS) is a 24-member girl group under MODHAUS. They were introduced to the public through a pre-debut project that began in May 2022, where each of the members are being revealed periodically. They debuted on February 13, 2023 with the mini album Assemble.

They aim to be the world's first decentralized K-pop idol group. The members will rotate between the group, sub-unit, and solo activities, as chosen by fans as they will be able to participate and communicate with the group such as deciding the sub-units and the content through NFT photo cards called "Objekts". The group's concept is the members have the special ability "S" and that they will join forces and demonstrate their abilities through the "Dimension" and will be recreated every season with new concepts.[1][2]



On February 18, 2022, MODHAUS announced that they would be launching the world's first "fan-participating girl group" led by the CEO Jaden Jeong and that the group was set to debut in the first half of the year.[3]

On April 4, 2022, the company announced their upcoming girl group would be called "tripleS" through launch of their Twitter account and release of a teaser video titled "tripleS 트리플에스 : thesis."[4] On April 28, 2022, tripleS opened their official website and Discord.[5]

On May 1, 2022, they revealed the group's first member SeoYeon.[6] This was followed by HyeRin on May 17,[7] JiWoo on June 1,[8] ChaeYeon on June 22,[9] YooYeon on July 11,[10] SooMin on August 8,[11] NaKyoung on August 22,[12] and YuBin on September 9.[13]

On September 16, they announced their ‘Grand Gravity' time table event that consists fans can vote for which member will be in which subunit: Acid Angel from Asia or +(KR)ystal Eyes.[14]

On November 9, they revealed the group's ninth member Kaede.[15]

On November 26, MODHAUS announced that tripleS would debut as a 10-member unit in early 2023. Fans would also be able to vote (out of eight songs) which song would be title track of their debut release.[16]

On December 3, DaHyun was revealed as the group's 10th member.[17]

2023: Debut with Assemble, fandom name, new sub-units[]

On January 2, 2023 Kotone was revealed as the group's 11th member,[18] followed by YeonJi on January 18,[19] Nien on March 20,[20] SoHyun on April 14,[21] Xinyu on July 2,[22] and Mayu on July 19.[23]

On January 18, it was revealed that the group would debut with the mini album Assemble on February 13.[24] The album includes the first 10 revealed members and was released before subunit's +(KR)ystal Eyes debut later in the year.[25]

On April 10, their fandom name was revealed to be WAV.[26]

On April 20, the Fourth Gravity event was announced to be taken place between April 21 to 30, to determine the members of the next two sub-units, EVOLution and LOVElution.[27]

On June 1, MODHAUS announced that they will debut a new sub-unit, ACID EYES on June 6, 2023 with the single "Acid Eyes <Cherry Gene>".[28]

By late October 2023, TripleS confirmed that their currently active units' music releases for 2022 and 2023 have been completed and they will subsequently focus on revealing their group's next four members (S17, S18, S19, S20) along with the next sub-units.[29][30]

Their sixth sub-unit, a ballad group made up of previously revealed members, was announced on November 18 with DaHyun already confirmed as a set member and JiWoo, ChaeYeon, Nien and Kaede chosen through fan voting.[31][32] Aria was later chosen to be the sub-units' name.[33] They will debut on January 15, 2024 with their single album "Aria <Structure of Sadness>".

The seventh sub-unit, named NXT, was announced on December 11 and is composed of four new TripleS members.[34] Their reveal schedule started on December 21 along with the digital single "NXT <Just Do It>" released on December 23.[35][36]

On December 21, Lynn was revealed as the group's 17th member,[37] followed by JooBin on December 22,[38] HaYeon on December 23[39] and ShiOn on December 24.[40]

2024: 4Study 4Work 4Inst Vol.1, Assemble24, "###"[]

On January 29, the group announced that they will release their first instrumental album 4Study 4Work 4Inst Vol.1 on February 2.[41]

On February 22, it was reported that the group will release their first full-length album Assemble24 in May.[42] On April 15, it was announced that the album will be released on May 8.[43]

On April 1, ChaeWon was revealed as the group's 21st member,[44] followed by Sullin on April 2,[45] SeoAh on April 3[46] and JiYeon on April 4.[47]

On July 2, it was announced that the group will release a Japanese digital single "###" on July 20.[48]


Name S Number Position(s) Color Nationality Year(s) active
English Korean Japanese
YooYeon 유연 ユヨン S5 Leader,[49] Visual[50]      Opera Pink Korean 2022–present
Mayu 마유 マユ S16 N/A      Vivid Tangerine Japanese 2023–present
Xinyu 신위 シンウィ S15 Visual[51]      Venetian Red Chinese 2023–present
NaKyoung 나경 ナギョン S7 Vocalist,[52] Rapper, Dancer[53]      Cadet Blue Korean 2022–present
SoHyun 소현 ソヒョン S14 Dancer,[54] Vocalist, Rapper, Producer, Composer, Lyricist[55]      Egyptian Blue Korean 2023–present
DaHyun 다현 ダヒョン S10 Main Vocalist[56]      Lavender Rose Korean 2022–present
Nien 니엔 ニエン S13 Rapper[57]      Neon Carrot Taiwanese-Vietnamese 2023–present
SeoYeon 서연 ソヨン S1 Vocalist[52]      Dodger Blue Korean 2022–present
JiYeon 지연 ジヨン S24 Dancer[58]      Texas Rose Korean 2024–present
Kotone 코토네 コトネ S11 Main Dancer, Main Rapper[59]      Golden Yellow Japanese 2023–present
ChaeYeon 채연 チェヨン S4 N/A      Atlantis Green Korean 2022–present
YuBin 유빈 ユビン S8 Main Dancer,[60] Vocalist, Visual[61]      Misty Rose Korean 2022–present
JiWoo 지우 イジウ S3 Main Vocalist[59]      Lemon Yellow Korean 2022–present
Kaede 카에데 カエデ S9 Main Dancer,[59] Vocalist,[52] Rapper,[57] Visual[62]      Sunglow Yellow Japanese 2022–present
ShiOn 시온 シオン S20 Main Vocalist[63]      French Rose Korean 2023–present
Lynn リン S17 Main Dancer[63]      Deep Lilac Japanese 2023–present
Sullin 설린 ソルリン S22 N/A      Dark Sea Green Thai 2024–present
HyeRin 혜린 ヘリン S2 Main Dancer[56]      Crocus Purple Korean 2022–present
ChaeWon 채원 チェウォン S21 N/A      Light Wisteria Korean 2024–present
HaYeon 하연 ハヨン S19 Dancer, Vocalist[63]      Seafoam Blue Korean 2023–present
SooMin 수민 スミン S6 Vocalist[64]      Cadillac Pink Korean 2022–present
YeonJi 연지 ヨンジ S12 N/A      Royal Blue Korean 2023–present
JooBin 주빈 ジュビン S18 Visual[63]      Conifer Green Korean 2023–present
SeoAh 서아 ソア S23 Maknae      Pale Sky Blue Korean 2024–present



Name AAA KRE ACID EYES LOVElution EVOLution NXT Aria Glow VV Japan Dimension
YooYeon Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mayu Yes Yes
Xinyu Yes Yes
NaKyoung Yes Yes Yes Yes
SoHyun Yes Yes
DaHyun Yes Yes
Nien Yes Yes Yes
SeoYeon Yes Yes Yes
JiYeon Yes Yes
Kotone Yes Yes
ChaeYeon Yes Yes Yes Yes
YuBin Yes Yes Yes Yes
JiWoo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kaede Yes Yes Yes
ShiOn Yes Yes
Lynn Yes Yes
Sullin Yes
HyeRin Yes Yes Yes Yes
ChaeWon Yes
HaYeon Yes
SooMin Yes Yes Yes
YeonJi Yes Yes
JooBin Yes
SeoAh Yes



Studio albums[]

Mini albums[]

Instrumental albums[]

Single albums[]

Digital singles[]


Digital singles[]

  • "###" (pre-debut) (2024)


Solo concerts[]

Fan concerts[]

World tours[]

Concert participations[]

  • Waterbomb Seoul (2023)
  • Dream Concert World in Japan 2024 (2024)[65]


  • 2023 Winter Meet up with tripleS (2023)

Awards and nominations[]

Year Event Category Result
2023 Hanteo Music Awards Rookie of the Year (Female Category) Won
Brand Of The Year Awards Rookie Female Idol Won
MAMA Awards Best New Female Artist Won
Artist of the Year Nominated
Album of the Year Nominated


  • YooYeon and JiWoo are former My Teenage Girl contestants.
  • ChaeYeon is a former member of Busters and CutieL.
  • NaKyoung, HyeRin and ShiOn are former P NATION trainees.
  • YuBin was a contestant on the junior cooking show I am Chef, placing in the Top 3. She is also a former JYP and ADOR trainee.
  • Kaede was a former child model for Nico☆Puchi, Lindiha and LIZLISA.
  • DaHyun is a former Source Music trainee.
  • Kotone, Nien and Xinyu are former Girls Planet 999 contestants under their birth names, Kamimoto Kotone, Hsu Nientzu and Zhou Xinyu respectively.
    • Nien is also a former FNC trainee.
    • Xinyu is also a former Yue Hua and SM trainee.
  • Lynn is a former SM trainee.
  • ChaeWon is a former Universe Ticket contestant.


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