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Trainee A is the tentative name of a pre-debut six-member boy group under BigHit Music. They will make their debut sometime in 2022.


2021–present: Pre-debut

In March of 2021, SNS accounts for 'Trainee A' were opened and gradually six pre-debut trainees were unveiled, consisting of Inhyuk, Jihoon, Leo, James, Sangwon and a hidden member. A number of executives and producers followed their SNS accounts, sparking rumors from fans that the trainees will be the next new boy group to debut under BigHit Music.[1] Due to the large attention they have gained online, Trainee A has quickly amassed several thousands of followers across their social media accounts in less than two months.

On August 2, it was revealed that Junil had left the group.[2]

On August 22, the "About" section from the group's YouTube's channel was updated and JJ was revealed as the hidden member.


Name Symbol Position(s) Year(s) active
Inhyuk (인혁) 🌟 N/A 2021–present
Jihoon (지훈) 🐣 N/A 2021–present
Leo (리오) 🦁 N/A 2021–present
Sangwon (상원) 🥀 N/A 2021–present
James (제임스) 😝 N/A 2021–present
JJ (제이제이) 🐻 Maknae 2021–present
Junil (준일) 💙 N/A 2021


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