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Trainee A is the temporary name of BigHit Music's pre-debut seven-member boy group. They will make their debut sometime in 2022.


2021–present: Pre-debut

In March 2021, the SNS accounts for 'Trainee A' were opened and gradually six pre-debut trainees were unveiled, consisting of Inhyuk, Jihoon, Leo, James, Sangwon and a hidden member. A number of executives and producers followed their SNS accounts, sparking rumors from fans that the trainees will be the next new boy group to debut under BigHit Music.[1] Due to the large attention they have gained online, Trainee A has quickly amassed several thousands of followers across their social media accounts in less than two months.

On August 2, it was revealed that Junil had left the group.[2]

On August 22, the "About" section from the group's YouTube's channel was updated and JJ was revealed as the hidden member.

On January 8, 2022, Woochan was revealed as one of the members of the group, staying as a hidden member for the past months.[3]

On January 11, 2022, it was revealed that Inhyuk is not part of the debut candidate group.[4]

On January 20, 2022, Thai actor Yorch was revealed as the group's seventh member during Woochan's birthday celebration.[5]

On March 27, they held their first mini busking event at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California. Yorch was unfortunately unable to participate.[6]


Name Position(s) Symbol Year(s) active
Yorch (요치) TBA 🦋 2022–present
Leo (리오) TBA 🦁 2021–present
Sangwon (상원) TBA 🥀 2021–present
Woochan (우찬) TBA 🐶 2022–present
James (제임스) TBA 😝 2021–present
JJ (제이제이) TBA 🐻 2021–present
Jihoon (지훈) Maknae 🐣 2021–present
Junil (준일) N/A 💙 2021
Inhyuk (인혁) N/A 🌟 2021–2022



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