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The Unit (더 유닛; stylized as THE UNI+) is a 2017 idol rebooting show that aired on KBS 2TV. The show intended to give another chance for idols who have already debuted but failed to gain the spotlight. The project created two unit groups: one male and one female, with 9 members each.


Open auditions started on September 29, with approximately 200 idols trying out for the show. 126 (63 male and 63 female) succeeded in moving on to the next round. They were then further divided into 14 teams of 9 members each (7 male and 7 female) for their missions.




Name Agency
(if applicable)
(if applicable)
(1st mission)
Chan Beat Interactive A.C.E Black
Jun Beat Interactive A.C.E Black
Kanto Brand New Music TROY* Red
Feeldog Brave Entertainment BIGSTAR Red
Jude Brave Entertainment BIGSTAR Blue
Raehwan Brave Entertainment BIGSTAR Yellow
Sunghak Brave Entertainment BIGSTAR Yellow
Joonghee DSP Media A-JAX Blue
Seungjin DSP Media A-JAX Green
Jung Ha Elen Entertainment BEATWIN White
Seong Ho Elen Entertainment BEATWIN Yellow
Gun Min GH Entertainment B.I.G Yellow
Heedo GH Entertainment B.I.G Green
Daewon GNI Entertainment MADTOWN White
Lee Geon GNI Entertainment MADTOWN Red
Chae Jin H2 Media MYNAME Orange
Gunwoo H2 Media MYNAME Blue
JunQ H2 Media MYNAME Orange
Seyong H2 Media MYNAME Blue
Onejunn Happy Tribe Entertainment Boys Republic Blue
Sungjun Happy Tribe Entertainment Boys Republic Yellow
Suwoong Happy Tribe Entertainment Boys Republic Yellow
B-Joo Hunus Entertainment ToppDogg Green
Hojoon Hunus Entertainment ToppDogg Green
Ji Hansol J-FLO Entertainment SM Rookies* Red
Z-uK JN Entertainment BIGFLO* Orange
Junghoon JSL Company TopSecret Blue
Kyeongha JSL Company TopSecret Blue
Hangyul MBK Entertainment IM Yellow
Giseok MBK Entertainment IM Blue
Kijung MBK Entertainment IM Red
Taeeun MBK Entertainment IM Black
Lee Jung Ha Namoo Actors Orange
Jun NH Media U-KISS Green
Jin PH Entertainment MVP Black
P.K PH Entertainment MVP Black
Rayoon PH Entertainment MVP Black
Dong Myeong RBW MAS White
Ha Rin RBW MAS White
Kang Hyun RBW MAS White
Yong Hoon RBW MAS White
Marco Rainbow Entertainment H.B.Y Orange
Taro Rainbow Entertainment H.B.Y Green
Timoteo Star Crew Entertainment HOTSHOT Red
Ko Hojung Star Crew Entertainment HOTSHOT Red
Jeup Star Empire Entertainment IMFACT Yellow
Jian Star Empire Entertainment IMFACT White
Taeho Star Empire Entertainment IMFACT Orange
Ungjae Star Empire Entertainment IMFACT Orange
Donghyun Starship Entertainment BF Red
Rockhyun TOP Media 100% Red
Hyukjin TOP Media 100% Orange
Euijin WAN Entertainment BIGFLO Blue
Lex WAN Entertainment BIGFLO Green
Sang Il WIDMAY Entertainment SNUPER Black
Se Bin WIDMAY Entertainment SNUPER Blue
Su Hyun WIDMAY Entertainment SNUPER White
Jin.O Wings Entertainment A.cian Green
Jung Sang Wings Entertainment A.cian Black
Casper CROSS GENE* Orange
Lim Jun Hyeok DAY6* Black
Se Jun SPEED* Yellow
  • * – former


Name Agency
(if applicable)
(if applicable)
(1st mission)
Dan A Box Media MATILDA Black
Haena Box Media MATILDA Black
Saebyeol Box Media MATILDA Green
Semmi Box Media MATILDA Green
Kang Min Hee Brand New Music Miss $ Yellow
Eunji Brave Entertainment Brave Girls Red
Yujeong Brave Entertainment Brave Girls White
Chaesol C9 Entertainment GOOD DAY White
Heejin C9 Entertainment GOOD DAY Yellow
Genie C9 Entertainment GOOD DAY Green
Jiwon C9 Entertainment GOOD DAY White
Lucky C9 Entertainment GOOD DAY Blue
Viva C9 Entertainment GOOD DAY Green
Bomi CheckMate Entertainment ACEMAX-RED Orange
Lena CheckMate Entertainment ACEMAX-RED Blue
Yang Ji Won CJ E&M Music SPICA* Black
Chaewon CLIMIX Entertainment S2 Green
Yujeong CLIMIX Entertainment S2 White
Chahee Cre.ker Entertainment Melody Day Red
Yeoeun Cre.ker Entertainment Melody Day Red
Yoomin Cre.ker Entertainment Melody Day Red
Lee Joo Hyun Cube Entertainment LIGHTSUM Orange
Lee Hyun Joo DSP Media APRIL* Orange
Han A Reum DWM Entertainment T-ARA* Orange
Yena Elijah Entertainment G-reyish Yellow
Sandy GH Entertainment Apple.B Blue
Yuji GH Entertainment Apple.B Blue
Haein Global H LABOUM White
Yujeong Global H LABOUM Yellow
ZN Global H LABOUM Black
Serri Happyface Entertainment Dalshabet Black
Woohee Happyface Entertainment Dalshabet Black
Eune Hoonstar Entertainment S.E.T Yellow
Taee Hoonstar Entertainment S.E.T Yellow
Dabin Hyunda Company Baby Boo Orange
NC.A JJ Holic Media Soloist Green
Mint JSL Company Tiny-G* Orange
Seol Ha Yoon K&C Music Soloist Orange
Kim Mad Soul Child Rubber Soul Orange
Nari Mafia Records Wassup Black
Euna Kim Maroo Entertainment The Ark* White
Janey MBK Entertainment GP Basic* White
Somyi MBK Entertainment DIA Red
Yebin MBK Entertainment DIA Red
Lee Suji Music K Entertainment The Ark* White
Hyosun New Planet Entertainment H.U.B Orange
Kwon Ha Seo Soulshop Entertainment Real Girls Project Blue
Euijin TS Entertainment SONAMOO Red
I WM Entertainment Soloist Green
JOO Woollim Entertainment Soloist Blue
Anne XX Entertainment S.I.S White
Gaeul XX Entertainment S.I.S White
Sebin XX Entertainment S.I.S Yellow
Hyeyeon YNB Entertainment BESTie Green
Eunbyeol Zenith Media Contents LipBubble Yellow
Hanbi Zenith Media Contents LipBubble Yellow
Han Seo In The SeeYa*, F-ve Dolls* Red
Soya Soya n' Sun* Blue
Yeseul WINGS Blue
Yoonjo HELLOVENUS* Green
Lee Bo Lim Red
Park Ji Won Black
Shin Ji Hoon Blue
  • * – former


# Name Votes Affiliation
1 Jun 165,302 U-KISS
2 Euijin 164,838 BIGFLO
3 Ko Hojung 90,510 HOTSHOT
4 Feeldog 82,170 BIGSTAR
5 Marco 81,606 H.B.Y
6 Ji Hansol 78,504 Newkidd
7 Daewon 77,886 MADTOWN
8 Kijung 77,337 IM
9 Chan 74,367 A.C.E
# Name Votes Affiliation
1 Euijin 108,066 SONAMOO
2 Yebin 83,910 DIA
3 NC.A 82,074 Soloist
4 Yoonjo 78,519 HELLOVENUS*
5 Hyunjoo 72,090 APRIL*
6 Yang Ji Won 68,193 SPICA*
7 Woohee 66,054 Dalshabet
8 ZN 61,023 LABOUM
9 Lee Suji 60,954 The Ark*
  • * – former


  • The 9 winning male contestants debuted as UNB.
  • The 9 winning female contestants debuted as UNI.T.
  • Soya returned as a soloist with the digital single "Soya Color Project Vol.1 'Show'" on January 31, 2018.
  • Kang Min Hee returned as a soloist with the digital single "Toddle" on February 10, 2018.
  • Lena participated in Produce 101 China.
  • Seol Ha Yoon returned as a trot singer with "Ring My Heart" on April 13, 2018.
  • Kanto returned as a soloist on May 15, 2018 with the mini-album Repetition.
  • Euna Kim, who placed 10th for girls, debuted in KHAN with "I'm Your Girl?" on May 23, 2018.
  • Lee Joo Hyun went onto participate in KBS's dance survival show Dancing High. In 2021, she was announced as a member of the upcoming girl group LIGHTSUM.

Vote alteration

On September 24, 2021, the periodic audit report on KBS made by the Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea revealed that the final results of the show were affected by errors in the voting process. The freelance writer in charge entered the pre-broadcast viewer votes from a third-party company, which altered the overall scores of the contestants. Two male and one female contestants, who should have been eliminated, ended up in the final group, while three others were eliminated. KBS responded that it was because of a general strike that was happening during the production and broadcast of the final episode and that there was no intention to favor any specific contestants.[1]


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