The Red Summer is the first summer mini album by Red Velvet. It was released on July 9, 2017 with "Red Flavor" serving as the album's title track.

Track list

  1. "Red Flavor (빨간 맛)" - 3:11
  2. "You Better Know" - 4:10
  3. "Zoo" - 3:24
  4. "Mojito (여름빛)" - 3:04
  5. "Hear the Sea (바다가 들려)" - 3:22
DVD (Taiwan edition only)
  1. "Red Flavor" music video (Chinese subtitles)
  2. "Red Flavor" music video making (Chinese subtitles)
  3. The Red Summer album photoshoot (Chinese subtitles)
  4. The Red Summer Vacation
  5. The Red Summer Memories



  • The producers of the song revealed that "Red Flavor" was originally created for British girl group Little Mix. Before its Korean rewriting, the song was titled "Dance With Nobody".

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