The Moment of Illusion is the eighth mini album by UP10TION. It was released on August 22, 2019 with "Your Gravity" serving as the album's title track.

The physical album come in two versions: Moment and Illusion.

Lee Jin Hyuk and Kim Woo Seok did not participate in the album's recording and promotions with Jinhyuk focusing on solo activities and Wooseok taking part of the project group X1.[1]

Track list

  1. "Your Gravity" - 3:12
  2. "Sky Surfer" - 3:19
  3. "Look At Me" - 3:14
  4. "Skyway" - 3:10
  5. "Restore" - 3:27
  6. "Lover" - 3:20



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