"The Call Project 3" is the third digital single from the music variety game show The Call. It was released on June 9, 2018.


The single was released after the episodes four and five of The Call covering the third out of the five projects. It features four teams.

The theme choosed for this project was "Temperature of Love" (사랑의 온도).

The team Alien in the Spiderweb was elected as the "Best Couple" of the project with their song "Lullaby".

Team Members
Alien in the Spiderweb Gummy
HwangTae Hwan Hee
Taeil (Block B)
Brushin' BewhY
TouchU Kim Jong Kook

Track list

  1. "Jealous (질투나)" - 3:15 (Alien in the Spiderweb)
  2. "Fever (열병)" - 3:43 (HwangTae)
  3. "0-100" - 3:49 (Brushin')
  4. "Pull-Up (풀어)" - 4:05 (TouchU)

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