The Call (더 콜) is a music variety game show by Mnet. The show started airing on May 4, 2018 and finished on June 29, it was broadcast every Fridays at 8:10pm.

It was created by Lee Seon Young and directed by himself, Lee Chang Kyu and Oh Dae Won.[1] The executive producer was Shin Eui Cheol. It was presented by Lee Sang Min and Yoo Se Yoon.[2]

The show follow different South Korean artists to create music collaborations.[1]


The Call follow different South Korean artists to create music collaborations. They send "love calls" to their teammate in order to make the collaboration. If the "love call" matchs between the two artists, it is called "two-way call", and they will make together a collaboration song for a projet.

If there's no "two-way call", the remaining artists will be forced to be a team or they will used their "last call" if there are more than two artists remaining.[1]

After each project, consisting of two episodes, the public will elect the "Best Couple" of the project.


Project Ep Date Project theme Link
Project 1 1 May 4, 2018 Answer or Another Story
(답가 또는 Another Story)
Mnet VOD
2 May 11, 2018 Mnet VOD
Project 2 3 May 18, 2018 This Moment, This Song
(이 순간 이 노래)
Mnet VOD
Project 3 4 May 25, 2018 Temperature of Love
(사랑의 온도)
Mnet VOD
Special June 1, 2018 No project, special episode due to the funeral of Wheesung's father.[3][4][5] Mnet VOD
Project 3 5 June 8, 2018 Temperature of Love
(사랑의 온도)
Mnet VOD
Project 4 6 June 15, 2018 Retro
Mnet VOD
7 June 22, 2018 Mnet VOD
Final Project 8 June 29, 2018 Mnet VOD


The list of elected "Best Couple" through the four projects. Not "Best Couple" was elected for the final project.

Project Team Artists Song name
Project 1 Voice to God Shin Seung Hun & Ailee "Fly Away"
Project 2 ShinBe Shing Seung Hun & BewhY "Lullaby"
Project 3 Alien in the Spiderweb Gummy & Ailee "Jealousy"
Project 4 TouchU Log in Kim Jong Kook & Hwang Chi Yeul & UV & Loco & Gray "I'm Not Afraid"
(아깝지 않아)


# Title Artists Release date
1 "The Call Project 1" Be Bomb (Kim Bum Soo & BewhY)
Smilling (Wheesung & Hwang Chi Yeul)
Voice for Men (Kim Jong Kook & Taeil (Block B))
Voice to God (Shin Seung Hun & Ailee)
May 12, 2018
2 "The Call Project 2" Ilee with Bumsoo Kim Bum Soo & Ailee)
Blue-star-1 (Wheesung & Taeil (Block B) & Chungha)
Men's Spring (Kim Jong Kook & Hwang Chi Yeul)
ShinBe (Shin Seung Hun & BewhY)
May 19, 2018
3 "The Call Project 3" Alien in the Spiderweb (Gummy & Ailee)
HwangTae (Hwan Hee & Taeil (Block B))
Brushin' (BewhY & Crush)
TouchU (Kim Jong Kook & UV)
June 9, 2018
4 "The Call Project 4" SIH (Sisters in Harmony) (Jung In & Gummy & Ailee)
BewhY & Taemin
TouchU Log In (Kim Jong Kook & Hwang Chi Yeul & UV & Loco & Gray)
Shin Seung Hun & Eddy Kim
Kim Bum Soo & SURAN
June 22, 2018
5 "The Call Final Project" Loco & Gray & SURAN & Eddy Kim
Jung In & Gummy
UV & Taemin
Taeil (Block B) & Ailee & BewhY
Wheesung & Hwan Hee
The Call artists
June 30, 2018


  • Most of the team are consisting of two members or three (if there is any "Last Call") but there was two teams with more than three members:
  • Shin Seung Hun and Ailee are the only contestants who where been in two elected "Best Couple" team.
  • The creator of The Call is also that one of the music reality game show I Can See Your Voice.[1][6]



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