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Tanaka Koki (고키) is a Japanese trainee under P NATION. He is a former member of the pre-debut boy group P NATION LOUD.


2021: LOUD

On May 20, he was revealed as a contestant for SBS's audition show LOUD.[1] During the tenth episode, which was aired on August 7, he was initially put on hold.[2] However, in the next episode, it was revealed that Tanaka was one of the trainees in the P NATION group.[3] In the final round, he was then recruited by PSY, and was announced as part of the final group.

2022: Departure from P NATION LOUD

On January 24, 2022, P NATION announced that he will not be debuting with the group in order to pursue further training.[4]


Reality shows

  • LOUD (SBS, 2021) - contestant



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