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Main Wiki Losses

Just as an FYI:

en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org where a lot of the k-pop material this wiki links from, is being redesigned. A small core group is deciding what is best for k-pop on wikipedia, and as such they are deleting vast amounts of information.

It would be best if you copied the information from there, and re-wrote it here. Re-wright, not just copy/paste. As of this writing nearly a quarter of all the past k-pop information has been removed.

I'm a long time editor over there (10+ years), and I was disgusted by all the deletions and bias! I will be more than happy to help develop this wikia, if there is interest. Mikepellerin (talk) 06:24, January 2, 2015 (UTC)

Note on the above, for the most part the articles haven't been deleted, just been blanked and turned into redirects, the articles are still there just hidden from view. I would suggest a rescue of these articles first.