Taeyong (태용) is a South Korean rapper under SM Entertainment. He is a member of the boy group NCT, its sub-units NCT U and NCT 127, and the supergroup SuperM.



He was cast into SM Entertainment in 2012, discovered by street scouts in front of his school. In December 2013, he was introduced as a member of the pre-debut trainee team SMROOKIES.

In 2014, he participated with other fellow NCT members on the show Exo 90:2014, where they performed songs from the 90s. He released a short song “Open The Door”, he was featured in Red Velvet's single “Be Natural”. 

2016–2018: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT 2018

On April 8, 2016, he officially debuted as a member of NCT, in the unit NCT U, with the single "The 7th Sense". 

On July 10, 2016, he debuted as a member of the 2nd unit, NCT 127, with their EP NCT #127.

On February 26, 2018, he took part in the NCT U song, "Baby Don't Stop", alongside Ten. On March 14, 2018, NCT released their first full album as part of a large-scale project uniting all of its subgroups - NCT 2018 Empathy.

2019: SuperM

On August 8, 2019, it was announced that he would be a member of the supergroup SuperM. They released their self-titled mini-album on October 4, 2019. On November 18, 2019, they released the promotional single "Let's Go Everywhere".


Digital singles





Variety shows

  • Exo 90:2014 (Mnet, 2014) - guest (with SMROOKIES)
  • Food Diary (tvN, 2018)

Writing credits

Artist Song Album Type
NCT U "The 7th Sense" "The 7th Sense" Writing
NCT 127 "Fire Truck" NCT #127
"Wake Up"
"Another World" Writing
"Mad City" Writing
NCT 127 "Good Thing" NCT #127 Limitless Writing
"Baby Don't Like It" Writing
"Angel" Writing
Taeyong (Him) and Hitchhiker "Around" "Around"
NCT 127 "Cherry Bomb" NCT #127 Cherry Bomb
"Running 2 U"
"0 Mile"
"Summer 127"
Taeyong (Him) and Yoo Young Jin "Cure" "Cure"
Taeyong (Him), Taeil, and Doyoung "Stay In My Life" School 2017 OST
NCT U "Boss" NCT 2018 Empathy Writing
"Baby Don't Stop"
NCT 2018 "Black On Black"
NCT 127 "City 127" NCT #127 Regular-Irregular Writing
"Regular (Korean ver.)" Writing
"Regular (English ver.)"
"My Van"
"Come Back"
"Welcome To My Playground" NCT #127 Regulate
"Chain (Korean ver.)
U-Know "City Lights" New Chapter 2 : The Truth of Love
Him "Long Flight" "Long Flight" Writing
SuperM "No Manners" SuperM
NCT 127 "Pandora's Box" NCT #127 Neo Zone Writing
"Mad Dog"
"Love Song"
SuperM "Together At Home" Super One


  • Taeyong is a gamer, one of the games he plays is Overwatch. He is at the diamond rank.[1]
  • He does push-ups before every dance practice.[2]


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