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It's We! Hello, we are TEMPEST!
(It's We! 안녕하세요, 템페스트입니다!)


TEMPEST (템페스트) is a seven-member boy group under Yue Hua Entertainment. They debuted on March 2, 2022 with the mini album It's Me, It's We.



On June 8, 2021, Yue Hua Entertainment officially trademarked the three names "TEMPEST", "TPST", and "템페스트".[1]

On October 4, Star News reported that Yue Hua would be debuting a new boy group in the second half of 2021. It was also stated in the article that the group would go by the name "TEMPEST" and that Hyungseop and Euiwoong, who had previously debuted as the duo HyeongseopXEuiwoong, would be a part of the group's lineup.[2]

On December 31, the group's official SNS accounts were opened along with the motion video of their logo and on January 3, 2022, teaser photos for the seven members were released.[3]

2022: Debut with It's Me, It's We, fandom name, Shining Up, On & On[]

On January 19, TEMPEST released a promotional schedule for their debut on February 21. On February 8, they announced they would be debuting with their first mini album It's Me, It's We.[4]

However, on February 14, it was announced that the group's debut would be postponed to March 2 after all seven members tested positive to COVID-19.[5]

On March 2, Yue Hua revealed the fandom name to be "iE" pronounced as "eye". They further explained that "TEMPEST's fan club iE always stands at the center of TEMPEST, like the clear and warm eye of the storm, and it captures the wish that only good things will happen to iE, things that put on a smile on their face."[6]

On August 11, TEMPEST released a promotional schedule for their second mini album Shining Up, set for release on August 29.[7]

On November 7, TEMPEST released a teaser for their third mini album On and On, set for release on November 22.[8]

2023: The Calm Before The Storm, "Into The TEMPEST", Hwarang's hiatus[]

On March 30, TEMPEST released a teaser for their upcoming comeback, which is set for release on April 17.[9][10] The following day, it was confirmed that TEMPEST would be releasing their fourth mini album, The Calm Before The Storm.[11]

On June 19, TEMPEST released an ID clip for their first solo concert 2023 TEMPEST Show Con [T-OUR] will be held on August 12 and 13 at SK Handball Stadium.[12] On June 20, TEMPEST announced that their first solo concert will also be held in Japan.[13][14]

On August 31, TEMPEST released a teaser for their upcoming comeback which is set for release on September 20.[15] The title of their first single album, "Into The TEMPEST", was revealed the next day.[16]

On October 19, Yue Hua Entertainment announced that Hwarang would undergo surgery for his injured shoulder and would be going on hiatus to recover.[17]

2024: TEMPEST Voyage, Japanese debut with Bang!, Hwarang's second hiatus, Road to Kingdom 2[]

On January 3, TEMPEST revealed a mystery 'coming soon' teaser, couple days later TEMPEST announced that they will release their pre-debut Japanese digital single "Baddest Behavior" on January 31 as the ending theme for Run for Money: The Great Mission.[18][19][20]

On February 8, TEMPEST announced their first fan concert 2024 TEMPEST Fan Concert [UNiEVERSITY] would be held on Apri 13 and 14 at Yonsei University Auditorium.[21]

On February 16, TEMPEST released a 'coming soon' poster for their upcoming Korean release, which is set to release on March 11.[22] Couple days later, it was confirmed that TEMPEST will be releasing their fifth mini album TEMPEST Voyage.[23]

On February 25, Nippon Columbia announced that TEMPEST would be debut in Japan with the mini album Bang!, on April 10.[24]

On March 6, Yue Hua Entertainment announced that Hwarang would halt activities with the group for a second time due to a lack of trust between both parties.[25]

On July 10, it was announced that TEMPEST would be participating in Road to Kingdom 2.[26]


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
English Korean Japanese
Hanbin 한빈 ハンビン Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer 2022–present
Hyungseop 형섭 ヒョンソプ Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist 2022–present
Hyuk ヒョク Main Vocalist, Visual 2022–present
Eunchan 은찬 ウンチャン Sub Vocalist, Visual 2022–present
Lew ルー Leader, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist 2022–present
Taerae 태래 テレ Rapper, Maknae 2022–present
Hwarang 화랑 ファラン Main Rapper, Main Dancer 2022–present



Mini albums[]

Single albums[]


Mini albums[]

Digital singles[]


Solo concerts[]

Showcase concerts[]

Concert participation[]

  • KCON Japan 2022[27] (2022)
  • KCON Japan 2023[28] (2023)
  • 29th Dream Concert (2023)[29]
  • KCON Saudi Arabia 2023 (2023)[30]
  • SBS Inkigayo Live in Tokyo (2023)
  • HOZO International Music Festival (2023)
  • Kstyle Party (2024)
  • KCON Japan 2024 (2024)[31]


Reality shows[]


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