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TAKI (타키, also stylized as TA-KI) is a Japanese trainee under HYBE Labels Japan. He is best known for participating in the reality survival show I-LAND.


2020–present: I-LAND and HYBE Labels Japan Global Debut Project

On June 3, 2020, TA-KI was introduced as a participant in the CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment's upcoming survival show I-LAND.[1] On the first episode, he performed "Monster" by EXO and was able to enter "I-LAND" with 22 votes.[2] However, during the second episode, he was "eliminated" as he received 9 votes and placed in "Ground".[3] As half of the I-LANDER team had to be sent to "Ground" in the third episode, the producers chose 6 people, with TA-KI being one of them, from "Ground" to be sent to "I-LAND".[4] TA-KI was voted down to "Ground" in the fourth episode as K used his elimination exemption coupon to save Jungwon.[5] On the seventh episode, he ranked tenth based on the global votes and was able to move onto Part 2 and become one of the final 12.[6]

On the eighth episode, TA-KI was the team leader for the unit performing "Fake Love" by BTS and chose Heeseung, Sunoo, and Sunghoon. The unit earned the score of 306 points and earned immunity from elimination for all of their members. Although, TA-KI had ranked 12th in the episode and was at risk of elimination, he was immune from elimination and moved onto the next episode.[7] TA-KI was a part of the Chamber 5 (Dream of Dreams) in the eighth episode, but was eliminated as he unfortunately was ranked last in 11th place.[8]

On December 31, 2020, he was revealed as a member of the HYBE Labels Japan Global Debut Project scheduled to debut in 2021.[9]


Survival shows

  • I-LAND (Mnet, 2020) - contestant


  • His MBTI personality type is ESFP.[10]
  • Prior to I-LAND, he trained for 10 months.[10]