Sweet Memories with Girls' Generation is a J-pop compilation album by Girls' Generation. It was released on March 20, 2008.

It features hand-picked songs from each member's favorite J-pop tunes. The songs in this album are sung by the original artists, not the members of Girls' Generation.

Track list

CD 1
  1. "Boys & Girls" (Ayumi Hamasaki) (picked by Yoona)
  2. "Bud of Love (恋のつぼみ)" (Koda Kumi) (picked by Hyoyeon)
  3. "I Remember You" (YUI) (picked by Taeyeon)
  4. "Snow Flower (雪の華)" (Mika Nakashima) (picked by Yuri)
  5. "Get Chu!" (AAA) (picked by Seohyun)
  6. "Looped in My Heart" (m-flo ♥ Emyli & Yoshika) (picked by Tiffany)
  7. "Oasis" (Do As Infinity) (picked by Sooyoung)
  8. "My Sunny Rain" (Asako Toki) (picked by Jessica)
  9. "Wishing on the Same Star" (Namie Amuro) (picked by Sunny)
CD 2
  1. "A Tomorrow of Seven Colors ~Brand New Beat~ (七色の明日~brand new beat~)" (BoA) (picked by Seohyun)
  2. "Swimmy (スイミー)" (Every Little Thing) (picked by Taeyeon)
  3. "Endless Story" (Yuna Ito) (picked by Jessica)
  4. "One Day Alone (いつか二人で)" (hiro) (picked by Hyoyeon)
  5. "Promise (約束)" (Hiroshi Tamaki) (picked by Yoona)
  6. "Pieces of a Dream" (CHEMISTRY) (picked by Sunny)
  7. "Secret Garden" (mink) (picked by Yuri)
  8. "Eternally" (JONTE) (picked by Sooyoung)
  9. "Love in the Ice" (Tohoshinki) (picked by Tiffany)
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