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| name = SuperM
| name = SuperM
| image = SuperM intro photo.png
| image = SuperM intro photo.png
| caption = Intro photo. (L-R: Lucas, Ten, Mark, Taemin, Kai, Taeyong, and Baekhyun)
| caption = Intro photo. (L-R: Lucas, Ten, Mark, Taemin(middle), Kai, Taeyong, and Baekhyun)
| origin = Seoul, South Korea
| origin = Seoul, South Korea
| genres = Pop
| genres = Pop

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SuperM is a seven-member supergroup formed in partnership with SM Entertainment, Capitol Music Group, and Caroline. Described as the "Avengers of K-pop", they are set make their American debut on October 4, 2019 with their self-titled mini album.[1][2]

The collaboration group between SHINee, EXO, NCT, and WayV members will be focusing on overseas promotions, without plans for promoting in South Korea.

The "Super" in the group's name implies the synergy between the members while the letter "M" stands for both "matrix" and "master".


2019–present: Unveiling and debut

On August 8, the group was formally announced by Capitol Music Group's Chairman and CEO Steve Barnett and SM's founder Lee Soo Man at the Capitol Congress 2019 in Los Angeles, California.


Name Position(s) Affiliation
Taemin (태민) SHINee
Baekhyun (백현) Leader[3] EXO
Kai (카이) EXO
Taeyong (태용) NCT
Mark (마크) NCT
Lucas (루카스) WayV
Ten (텐) WayV


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