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Soyeon (Korean: 소연; Japanese: ソヨン) is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer under Cube Entertainment. She is the leader and main rapper of the girl group (G)I-DLE.

As a soloist, she goes by her full name Jeon Soyeon. She made her solo debut on November 5, 2017 with the single "Jelly".


2016: Produce 101, Unpretty Rapstar

In January 2016, Soyeon became a contestant on the survival show Produce 101, where she represented Cube Entertainment. She ranked 20th place in the final episode, thus being unable to debut with I.O.I.[3]

In July, she became a contestant on the rap survival show Unpretty Rapstar Season 3. She finished the series as the second runner-up.[4]

On December 29, Soyeon signed an artist contract with Cube Entertainment.[5]

2017: Solo debut with "Jelly"

Soyeon made her solo debut on November 5, 2017 with her first digital single "Jelly".

2018: "Idle Song", debut with (G)I-DLE

On January 11, 2018, Cube Entertainment announced Soyeon would be re-debuting as the leader of (G)I-DLE.[6] A month later, on February 28, she released her second digital single, "Idle Song". Then, on April 12, she was officially revealed as the fifth member of (G)I-DLE.[7] The group officially debuted on May 2 with the release of their first mini album I Am.

2021: Solo comeback with Windy, first win

On May 21, Cube Entertainment confirmed that Soyeon was preparing for a solo comeback sometime in June.[8] It would be her first comeback in three years. On June 17, it was announced that Soyeon would be returning with her first mini album Windy on July 5. On July 13, she received her first music show win as a solo artist on The Show for her album's title track "Beam Beam".[9] She won a second time on July 29 at MCountdown.[10]

It was announced, on October 21, that Soyeon would be one of the four mentors of MBC reality survival show My Teenage Girl.[11] In an interview in November, she revealed that the reason she wanted to participate is that she herself has participated in multiple survival shows, so she can understand the contestants' hardships and share the tips she's learned now that she has debuted as an idol.[12] Once the first episode was broadcast on November 28, Soyeon went viral as people were impressed with her honesty: she criticized the way people had voted for what she called the "worst performance" of the day and asked people to vote responsibly by priorizing the trainees' talents.[13]


Mini albums

Digital singles




Participation releases

  • "Street Dance Girl Fighter (SGF) Special" ("Fire") (2022)

Other releases

  • "The Loveless (애정결핍)" (2019)


Reality shows

Producing and writing credits

  • All credits adapted from KOMCA, unless stated.[14]
Artist Song Album Type
Jeon Soyeon "She's Coming" Unpretty Rapstar 3 Writing
"Children's Day"
Jeon Soyeon "Jelly" "Jelly" Writing
JBJ "Say My Name" True Colors Writing
Jeon Soyeon "Idle Song" "Idle Song" Writing
(G)I-DLE "Latata" I Am
"$$$" Writing
"Don't Text Me"
"What's in Your House?"
"Hann (Alone)" "Hann (Alone)" Writing
Chung Ha, Seulgi, SinB & Herself "Wow Thing" "Wow Thing" Writing
United Cube "Mermaid" One Writing
"Young & One"
Lee Minhyuk "Hang Out" Hutazone Writing
CLC "No" No.1 Writing
(G)I-DLE "Help Me" Her Private Life OST
"Senorita" I Made Writing
"What's Your Name"
"Put It Straight"
"Give Me Your"
"Blow Your Mind" Writing
Key "I Wanna Be" I Wanna Be
Soyeon "The Loveless" N/A Writing
(G)I-DLE "Uh-Oh" "Uh-Oh" Writing
"Put It Straight (Nightmare Version)" Queendom 'Box of Pandora' Part. 1 Writing
"Lion" Queendom 'Final Comeback'
I Trust
(G)I-DLE "Oh My God" I Trust Writing
"Luv U"
"Maybe" Writing
HYO "Dessert" "Dessert" Writting
(G)I-DLE "Dumdi Dumdi" "Dumdi Dumdi" Writing
"I'm The Trend" Writing
"Tung-Tung (Empty)" "Oh My God" Writing
Kim Nam Joo "Bird" "Bird" Writing
(G)I-DLE "Hann (Alone in winter)" I Burn Writing
"Moon" Writing
"Where Is Love" Writing, composing
"Lost" Writing
"Hwaa (English Ver.)" "Hwaa" Writing
"Hwaa (Chinese Ver.)"
"Hwaa (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)" "Hwaa (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)" Writing
Jeon Soyeon "Beam Beam" Windy Writing
"Psycho" Writing
"Is This Bad B****** Number?"
(G)I-DLE "Tomboy" "I Never Die" Writing
"Never Stop Me (말리지 마)" Writing
"Villain Dies"
"Already" Writing
My Bag Writing
"Tomboy (Uncensored Version)" Writing


  • Her MBTI personality type is INTP.[16]
  • She was born at 5:20 pm.[17]
  • Soyeon was home-schooled as a child.[18]
  • During her childhood, she wanted to become a pirate. After watching Naruto, she wanted to be a ninja.[17]
  • She used to do ballet when she was young.[18]
    • Soyeon decided to quit ballet and pursue a career in music after watching a BIGBANG concert.[17]
  • She attended 20-30 auditions, but failed all of them.[17]
    • Soyeon only became successful in auditions after beginning to rap.[17]
  • Soyeon auditioned for Cube Entertainment by singing G-Dragon's "This Love".[17]
  • She is a huge fan of the popular boy group 2PM.[19][20]
  • She and Hwanwoong of ONEUS were born on the exact same day.
  • She is currently the shortest girl group leader in K-pop industry (she is 157cm or 5'2″).[21]
  • She has two tattoos: a lotus flower on her shoulder blade and a heartbeat inside her left arm (this tattoo has an important meaning: it means she is an organ donor).[22]
  • She knows how to imitate Bart Simpson (one of the main protagonists of "The Simpsons").[23]


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