Seokyoung (Korean: 서경; Japanese: ソギョン; Chinese: 序璟) is a South Korean singer currently under Kiwi Pop. She is a member of the girl group GWSN.

She was a former individual contestant on the first season of Produce 101. Her final rank was #30.


In December 2015, Seokyoung was a contestant on Produce 101 as an individual trainee. However, she was eliminated in episode 11 with her final rank being #30.[2]

Sometime after Produce 101, she appeared in a commercial film for NCT's SK Telecom.[3] Through her social media accounts, she announced on November 30, 2016 that she was auditioning for Kiwi Pop.[citation needed]

Two years later, Seokyoung was then revealed as an upcoming member of GWSN on June 22, 2018 with a reveal teaser video followed by a photo.[4][5] She made her official debut with the girl group on September 5, 2018 with their debut mini album, THE PARK IN THE NIGHT part one.[6]


Television series

  • GOT YA! GWSN (Mnet, 2018)


  • Prior to joining Produce 101, she was a trainee for 2 years.[1]
  • On Produce 101, she got the nickname 'Sun Seokyoung' (해님서경) for her bright personality.
  • Her hobbies are solving math problems, dance covers, enacting scripts and beauty styling, while her specialty is K-pop dance and Japanese.[1][7]
  • She is a fan of Jessica.[8]
  • Prior to debuting with GWSN, her Instagram handles were _990416 and sk_990416.[8] She also had a Facebook account. Currently, she no longer has any public social media accounts.
  • She is the shortest member in GWSN.[9]
  • She went to a center for gifted students.[9]
  • Her childhood dream was to become a dancer.[10]





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