Scarlet (스칼렛) was a four-member girl group under Toilet Music and Funny Collection. They debuted with the single "Do Better" on March 6, 2014.


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Sara (사라) 2014–2015
Jihye (지혜) 2014–2015
Rabyuel (라별) 2014–2015
Kimi (키미) 2014–2015
Yerim (예림) 2014
Aromi (아로미) 2014


  • Kimi was a member of BULLDOK and is now a soloist
  • Rabyeul was a member of Pocket Girls (as Junhee) and of Cupid (as Dohee) and is now both a soloist as Blue Berry and in ICIA (as Bandi).
  • Yerim is currently a member of SIOSIJAK


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