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SUPER JUNIOR-D&E (슈퍼주니어-D&E) is the fifth subunit of the boy group SUPER JUNIOR. They debuted on December 16, 2011 with the digital single "Oppa, Oppa".


2011–2012: Debut with "Oppa, Oppa", "Oppa, Oppa (Japanese Ver.)"[]

The duo first performed together at SUPER JUNIOR's SUPER SHOW 4 in November 2011.[1] Donghae expressed that instead of doing a solo number for the show, which he felt was lonely, he'd rather do a song with Eunhyuk,[2] and they performed "Oppa, Oppa" together during the tour. After a suggestion from Lee Soo Man,[3] the song was released in a single with a ballad as a bside on December 16, 2011, and the sub-unit made their official debut with a stage on Music Bank.[1]

The Japanese version of the single was released four months later, on April 4, 2012.

2013: "I Wanna Dance", "Still You"[]

They released their second Japanese single, "I Wanna Dance", on June 26, and their second Korean single, "Still You", on December 18.

2014: First Japan tour, Ride Me, "Skeleton"[]

SM Japan, in particular, wanted them to form an official sub-unit after seeing their stages. Thanks to that, they had a tour in Japan and released a Japanese album, and though they'd had releases before, it's then that they became an official unit group.[3] The tour in question started on March 4 and ended in Tokyo on May 10, and the duo visited a total of nine cities for 22 concerts.[4] The album, Ride Me (their first Japanese full-length album) was released during the tour, on March 12.

Their third Japanese single "Skeleton" was released on August 6.

2015: The Beat Goes On, 'The Beat Goes On' Special Edition, Present, second Japan tour, "Let's Get It On"[]

Their first Korean mini-album, The Beat Goes On, was released on March 6. The repackage was released in the same month, on the 23rd. The title track touch on the topic of lost love and its aftermath, and was co-composed and co-written by Donghae.[5]

On April 1, their first Japanese mini-album Present was released.

They kicked off their second Japan tour in Saitama on April 3. They also held concerts in Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka, for a total of nine performances.[6]

Finally, their fourth Japanese single "Let's Get It On" was the duo's last release before both members started their military service in October 2015.[7]

2017–2018: Monthly singles, Style, 'Bout You, third Japan tour[]

They were discharged in July 2017 two days apart, Eunhyuk on the 12th and Donghae on the 14th.[8]

From November 2017 to May 2018, the duo released a Japanese digital single every month. All the tracks were later compiled in their second full-length Japanese album, Style, which was released on August 8, 2018, and also contains four new tracks.[9]

They released their second mini-album 'Bout You on August 16, 2018. The release was qualified as "hip and colorful"[10] and its summery title track (which was co-written by Donghae and Eunhyuk, and once again co-composed by Donghae) contains rhythmic beats and bright synths.[11]

They kicked off their new Japan Tour on September 7. They visited a total of seven cities for 17 performances, with the last concert being in Tokyo on November 9.[9]

2019: First Asia tour, Danger[]

They kicked off their new Asia tour in Korea on April 13 and 14, making it the first time that the duo performed a concert in Korea.[12] In total, they visited six countries during the tour and performed nine shows.[13]

Their third mini-album Danger was released on April 14, the day of the second Korean concert. With a black and red theme and a darker concept than their previous releases[14], the album showcases the duo's dangerous and manly side.[15]

2020: Bad Blood, Bad Liar, "Wings"[]

The duo released their fourth mini-album Bad Blood on September 3. "B.A.D", its title track, is an electronic hip-hop track that, according to Eunhyuk, showcases the duo's "powerful yet relaxed charm".[16]

Bad Blood's repackage, Bad Liar, was released on September 28. The title track, "No Love", is a smooth, electronic dance track with sensual rapping and sweet vocals and shows the suave side of the duo.[17][18]

Their fifth Japanese single "Wings" was released on November 25.

2021: Countdown, "Need U", Countdown - Zero ver. (Epilogue)[]

The duo mentioned in an interview in March that, as it was their tenth anniversary, they were working on their first Korean full-length album and intended to release it during the year.[19] On September 15, news outlets reported that D&E would come back in October, which was then confirmed by Label SJ.[20] A first teaser for their first full-length album Countdown was released on September 27 at midnight KST.[21] The release date of the album was later revealed to be November 2. In the weeks leading up to the album, as part of its promotions and its countdown concept, D&E released various contents including: parodies of TV commercials[22], a medley of their previous title tracks[23], a word puzzle[24], a three-episode documentary, and a solo single - containing two songs each - for each member ("California Love" by Donghae and "Be" by Eunhyuk).[25] Finally, the album and the music video of its title track "Zero" were released on November 2.

The digital single "Need U" was released on December 9, followed by a special version of the album titled Countdown - Zero ver. (Epilogue), exclusively released as a physical album on December 10.[26]

2023: 'Delight Party' world tour, new label[]

On May 15, D&E announced a world tour of fanmeeting-concerts. Titled 'Delight Party', the tour started in Seoul with two nights at the Olympic Hall, on June 24 and 25.[27][28]

It was announced on July 14 that both members of the duo had not renewed their contract with SM entertainment, though they’d continue collaborating with the company for Super Junior’s activities.[29] They established their own label, called ODE Entertainment, for Super Junior-D&E’s future promotions and projects, and manage it together as co-CEOs.[30]

Over the following months, they announced new concert dates in different countries, like Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada.[31] During the tour, the duo also teased their next album, set for release in the first quarter of 2024.[32]

2024: 606, "Like That", "You&Me", You&Me[]

On March 11, the duo announced their fifth mini album 606, set to release on March 26.[33]

On April 10, they released their Japanese 8th digital single "Like That".[34]

On June 17, they released a spoiler poster for their Japanese 9th digital single, "You&Me", which was released on June 24.[35]

On July 1, they released a teaser poster for their Japanese second mini album, You&Me, which was released on July 31.[36]


Name Years active
Donghae (동해) 2011–present
Eunhyuk (은혁) 2011–present



Studio albums[]

Mini albums[]

Digital singles[]


Studio albums[]

Mini albums[]


Digital singles[]


World tours[]

  • 2023 D&E World Tour Fancon - [Delight Party] (2023)[37]

Asia tours[]

  • The D&E (2019)

Japan tours[]

  • SUPER JUNIOR-D&E The 1st Japan Tour 2014 (2014)
  • SUPER JUNIOR-D&E Japan Tour 2015 -Present- (2015)
  • SUPER JUNIOR-D&E Japan Tour 2018 ~Style~ (2018)

Concert participation[]

  • KCON Saudi Arabia 2023 (2023)[38]


  • Some of their songs, like "Still You", were created because the duo learned they'd have a schedule overseas and wanted to take the opportunity to film the music video while they were there, to have access to the beautiful sceneries.[3]
  • Unlike other SUPER JUNIOR sub-units, D&E wasn't planned beforehand and they were originally meant to be only a one-time unit for SUPER SHOW 4 concerts.[3]
  • Before "Oppa, Oppa", D&E performed as a duo in 2009's SUPER SHOW 2 for Donghae's solo song "Beautiful", during which Eunhyuk only danced.[3]


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