S2U (에스투유) was a four-member girl group under One Shot Entertainment. They originally debuted as a trio on May 25, 2017 with the digital single "ZZZ".


2017–2018: Line-up changes, car accident

Before the release of the group's second single "Ice Cream", Sei was introduced to the line-up.

In March of 2018, S2U was working on their third single album "밤이 깊어가", which was supposed to be released in April with a five-member line-up. The group was involved in a car accident, however, injuring Seeun who then needed six months to recover. The comeback was then postponed.[1]

In October of the same year, Seeun had recovered and the group revealed a line-up change. As planned, a new member, Ga Hyun, was added to the line-up. But it was also revealed MiU had left the group. With this new line-up, they were supposed to make their comeback.[2]

The comeback was postponed again after Ga Hyun left the company somewhere between October and December to join ILUV.[3]

2019: Disbandment

The group disbanded on June 1, 2019 after the members decided not to renew their contracts.[4]


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
MiU (미유) Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist 2017–2018
Soojeong (수정) Leader, Main Vocalist 2017–2019
Seeun (세은) Vocalist, Maknae 2017–2019
Sei (세이) Vocalist 2018–2019
Ga Hyun (가현) Maknae 2018


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