Red Moon is the seventh mini album by MAMAMOO. It was released on July 16, 2018 with "Egotistic" serving as the album's title track. The song "Rainy Season" was pre-released on July 1, 2018. It also include the song "Selfish" from Moon Byul's solo debut digital single "Selfish".

The summer-themed record is the second part of their "Four Seasons Four Colors" project.

Track list

  1. "Midnight Summer Dream (여름밤의 꿈)" - 3:18
  2. "Egotistic (너나 해)" - 3:16
  3. "Rainy Season (장마)" - 3:42
  4. "Sky! Sky! (하늘하늘 (청순))" - 3:21
  5. "Sleep in the Car (잠이라도 자지)" - 3:22
  6. "Selfish (feat. Seulgi of Red Velvet)" (Moon Byul solo) - 3:12


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