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Ravi (라비) is a South Korean rapper and singer under GROOVL1N. He is a member of the boy group VIXX and their sub-unit VIXX LR.

He made his solo debut on January 9, 2017 with his first mini album R.eal1ze.


2012: Debut with VIXX

He debuted as a member of VIXX on May 24, 2012 with the group's first single album "Super Hero".

2017: Solo debut

Ravi made his solo debut on January 9, 2017 with his first mini album R.eal1ze.

2019: Departure from Jellyfish Entertainment, launch of GROOVL1N

On May 23, 2019, Jellyfish Entertainment announced Ravi's departure from the label after deciding not to renew his contract. It was also clarified that he will continue to promote as a member of VIXX.[1]

On June 26, Ravi announced the start of his own hip-hop label called GROOVL1N.[2]


Studio albums

Mini albums



Single albums

Digital singles



  • Chad Future - "Rock the World" (2014)
  • Rain - "Diamond Love" (2015)
  • Melody Day - "When It Rains" (2015)
  • Kiggen - "I'm Serious" (with Eluphant & ESBEE) (2016)
  • Kim Wan-sun - "Use Me" (2016)
  • Microdot - "Wave" (with Lil Boi) (2016)
  • Microdot - "Blah Blah" (2017)

Other releases

Producing and writing credits

  • All credits adapted from KOMCA, unless stated.[3]
Artist Song Album Type
VIXX "UUUUU (아픈데 좋아)" "Rock Ur Body" Writing
VIXX "Light Me Up (어둠 속을 밝혀줘)" Hyde Writing
"You're Mine (그만 버티고)"
"슈키라 송" KBS Cool FM Super Junior 'Kiss The Radio' Writing, Composing
"Say Love (어떡하지)" Jekyll Writing
VIXX with Rooftop Moonlight "I'm a Boy, You're a Girl" Y.BIRD FROM JELLYFISH ISLAND WITH VIXX & OKDAL
"Girls, Why? (여자는 왜)"
VIXX "Beautiful Killer" Voodoo
"Only U (대답은 너니까)"
"Secret Night" Writing, Composing
"Say U Say Me" Writing
"Love Come True (오늘부터 내 여자)"
Jellyfish Entertainment "Winter Propose (겨울 고백)" "Jelly Christmas 2013"
VIXX "Turn Around and Look At Me (나를 돌아봐)" "Deux 20th Anniversary Tribute Album Part. 7" Writing
"Sad Ending" "Eternity"
"Love, LaLaLa"
"Error" Error
"After Dark"
"Blue Blossom (청춘이 아파)"
"Time Machine"
"What U Waiting For" Writing, Composing
VIXX "Love Equation (이별공식)" "Boys' Record" Writing
"In the Cold Night (차가운 밤에)"
"Memory" Writing, Composing
VIXX LR "Beautiful Liar" Beautiful Liar
"Ghost" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"My Light" Writing
VIXX "Chained Up (사슬)" Chained Up
"Stop it Girl"
"Hot Enough"
"Out of Sorts (부시시)"
"Heaven" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Can't Say" Writing
Melody Day "When It Rains (비가 내리면)" "When It Rains"
Jellyfish Entertainment "Love In The Air (사랑난로)" "Jelly Christmas 2015"
Kiggen "I'm Serious (버려진 기분)" "I'm Serious" Writing
VIXX "Goodbye Your Love" Depend On Me
"Chained Up (Japanese ver.)"
"Error (Japanese ver.)"
Ravi (Himself) "R.ebirth" R.ebirth Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Lean On Me"
"OX (feat. Basick)"
"Noebius Strip (feat. Esbee)"
"Control (Interlude)" Composing, Arranging
"Nod (feat. Donutman)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Good Woman (feat. Hanhae & Soulman)"
"Do The Dance"
"Where Should I Go (feat. Microdot)"
"Where Should I Go (Solo ver.)"
VIXX "Dynamite (다이너마이트)" "Zelos" Writing
"Six Feet Under (늪)"
"손의 이별 (Badbye)"
Kim Wan-sun "Use Me (feat. Ravi)" Use Me
Ravi (Himself) "DamnRa (feat. SAM&SP3CK) "DamnRa" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Microdot "Wave (feat. Ravi and Lil Boi)" +64 Writing
VIXX "Fantasy" "Hades"
"Love Me Do"
"나비 효과 (Butterfly Effect)"
"The Closer" Kratos
"Shooting Star"
"Good Night & Good Morning" Writing, Composing
"The Romance Is Over (로맨스는 끝났다)" Writing
"Milky Way" KER
Jellyfish Entertainment "Falling (니가 내려와)" "Jelly Christmas 2016"
Ravi (Himself) "Bomb (feat. San E)" R.eal1ze Writing, Composing
"Rose (feat. Ken)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Ladi Dadi (feat. Microdot, Jero)" Writing, Composing
"Home Alone (나홀로 집에) (feat. Jung Yong Hwa)"
Gugudan "Hate You (미워지려 해)" Act.2 Narcissus
VIXX "Take Your Hand" "Man to Man OST Part.1" Writing
Ravi (Himself) "Hong Gil Dong" VIXX Live Fantasia (Daydrem) DVD Writing, Composing, Arranging
Ken "So Romantic"
VIXX "Shangri-La (도원경 (桃源境))" Shangri-La Writing
"Into the Void"
"Black Out"
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (다가오네)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"To Us (우리에게)" Writing
VIXX LR "Whisper" Whisper Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Beautiful Night (아름다운 밤에)" Writing
"Chocolatier" Writing, Composing, Arranging
VIXX "How 'Bout You" ラララ ~愛をありがとう~
Ko Nayoung "서툴러" "서툴러"
VIXX LR "Dog" VIXX LR 1st Concert (Eclipse) In Seoul Writing, Composing
"Highlight (어려운 일)" Writing
Microdot "Blah Blah (feat. Ravi)" Prophet
Ravi (Himself) "Who Are U (feat. Superbee)" R.ebirth 2016 Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Lucid Dream (feat. Microdot)"
"Chameleon" Nirvana Writing, Composing
"Nirvana" (feat. Park Jimin)"
"Ravi Da Loca"
"Payday" (feat. Choi Choa & OLNL)
"Where Am I" (feat. Microdot)
Gunmin X Heedo "Don't Worry" "Don't Worry" Writing, Composing, Arranging
VIXX "Scentist (향)" Eau de VIXX Writing
"Odd Sense"
"Silence" Writing, Composing
"My Valentine" Writing
"Circle" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Good Day" Writing
"Escape" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Trigger" Writing
"Resemble (닮아)"
"Navy & Shining Gold Writing, Composing
"Is It Love? (사랑인걸까?)" Are You Human? OST Part.1 Writing
Ravi (Himself) "Payback" (feat. Coogie) K1tchen Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Frypan" (feat. Double K, Microdot) Writing, Composing
"Pavlov's Dog (파블로프의 개)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
ELRIS "Talk To Me (말해)" Summer Dream Writing, Composing
ASTER "Champagne" "Champagne" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Ravi (Himself) "Adorable" "Adorable"
gugudan "Do It" Act.5 New Action
Ravi (Himself) "Ravi Logo" N/A Writing, Composing
VIXX "Walking (걷고있다)" "Walking" Writing
Ravi (Himself) "Live (feat. Chung Ha)" "Live" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"R.ook Book" R.ook Book
"L.A.Y.E.R.E.D (feat. SAAY)"
"See-Through (녹는점)"
"U-niverse (Cosmocorps)"
"Hoodie (feat. Xydo, Raf Sandou)"
Eunha with Ravi "Blossom" "The Love of Spring" Writing
Ravi with Cold Bay and XYDO "Fashionable" "Fashionable" Writing, Composing
GWSN "Recipe ~ for Simon" The Park in the Night Part Three
Ravi (Himself) "Vacay" "Vacay" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Leopard (feat. Solar of MAMAMOO)" "Leopard" Writing, Composing
"Two Tone Drip" Nirvana II
"Still Nirvana" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Service (고객)"
"Unicorn" Writing, Composing
VIXX "Parallel (평행우주)" "Parallel" Writing
Ravi (Himself) "Rockstar" "Rockstar" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Q&A" "Q&A"
Ravi with XyDo and Cold Bay "Bandi & Luni's" "Bandi & Luni's" Writing, Composing
Park Kyung with Sunwoo Jung-a, Ravi, Suran, Kim Hyun-woo, and Song Yu Vin "Goin' Crazy" Book OST Part.4 Writing
Ravi (Himself) "Brag" "Brag" Writing, Composing
Cold Bay "TML" Chasing Writing
Ravi (Himself) "NZT" (Prod. Yuth)" Limitless Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Limitless (feat. Sik-K, Xydo)"
"Venom (feat. Ja Mezz)" Writing, Composing
"Bada$$ (feat. Cold Bay)" Writing, Composing
"How Could You" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Turn On The Light"
"Drug" Writing, Composing
"Arousal (각성)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Ravi, Chillin Home, XyDo, and Cold Bay "Asura (阿修羅)" "Asura" Writing, Composing
Ravi (Himself) "El Dorado" El Dorado Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Dream Catcher" Writing, Composing
"Rockstar" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Goddess" Writing, Composing
"Yeopo (여포 (呂布))" Writing, Composing
"Full Time Digga"
"Knife Dance (칼춤 (劍舞))"
"Where Am I (Groovlin Remix)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Ravi with Ailee "What About You" "What About You" Writing, Composing
XyDo "Mint Chocolate (민트 초코)" "Mint Chocolate"
Ravi (Himself) "Gray Zone" "Good Girl Episode 2"
"Rain (feat. Naeun)" "Rain ♡"
"U-Turn (유턴)" Paradise Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Water Gun" Writing, Composing
"Question Mark"
Ravi with Namjoo and Kang Seung Sik "Summer Memories" Cool Summer Project Writing
Gree "Humming" "Humming" Writing, Composing


  • Ravi's 1st Live Party [R.EBIRTH] (2016)
  • RAVI 1st REAL-LIVE [R.EAL1ZE] (2017)
  • Rapbeat Show 2017 in Australia (2017)
  • RAVI 1st SOLO EUROPE TOUR (2018)
  • RAVI 3rd REAL-LIVE R.OOK BOOK (2019)


Reality shows

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Result
2020 Brand of the Year Awards 2020 Variety Star Idol of the Year Won


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