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RIIZE (Korean: 라이즈; Japanese: ライズ) is a seven-member boy group under SM Entertainment. They debuted on September 4, 2023 with the single album "Get A Guitar".

Their name is created by combining "RISE" which means "growth" and "REALIZE" which means "a team that growth together and realize dream".[3]


2022–2023: Pre-debut[]

On July 2, 2022, Eunseok and Seunghan, were revealed as the newest members of SM Entertainment's trainee team SMROOKIES.[4]

In September 4, 2022, news reports revealed leaked documents and reports of SM Entertainment's upcoming schedule for the fourth quarter of 2022 and after. The reports revealed an unnamed "new boy group" (신규 보이그룹) listed for debut.[5]

Later in October, SM Entertainment's 'Training Unit' posted a series of images on their official Instagram account showing the silhouettes of seven boys whom are speculated to be members of their upcoming boy group.[6]

On May 24, 2023, SM announced that Sungchan, Shotaro, Eunseok, Seunghan and members of Korean and American nationalities would be debuting in their upcoming boy group.[7]

2023: "Memories", debut with "Get A Guitar", "Talk Saxy", "Get A Guitar (English Ver.)", Seunghan's hiatus[]

On July 12, it was reported that SM Entertainment's new 7-member boy group will debut in September. SM responded that the group is currently filming their music video and is at the final stage of preparations, although no debut date was confirmed.[8]

On July 18, it was reported that Lee Chanyoung, son of veteran composer and singer Yoon Sang, who has previously written songs for SM artists such as BoA and TVXQ!, would be one of the members of SM Entertainment's new boy group.[9] In response, SM Entertainment neither confirmed nor denied the information, stating that new information about their new boy group would be revealed on August 1, 2023.[10]

On July 31, SM Entertainment revealed that their new seven-member boy group would be called RIIZE. It was explained that the name of the group was created by combining "RISE," which means "growth," and "REALIZE," which means "a team that grows together and realizes dreams." SM added that "RIIZE is composed of seven elite members with both talent and visuals. Each member possesses their own individuality and strengths, and together they will create a 'real-time odyssey' of growth as a team, making a new history in the K-pop industry. In particular, RIIZE will showcase a unique genre called 'Emotional Pop,' where they express their various emotions through their music. As 'Emotional Pop rookies,' they aim to grow into 'Emotional Pop artists' who can evoke empathy from everyone with the inspiration they draw from their everyday experiences and incorporate into their music." Additionally, it was announced that on August 1, at 12 pm (Korea Standard Time), RIIZE would not only open their social media accounts but also reveal their members, showcasing a variety of content to introduce each member to the public.[3]

On August 1, the group's Instagram was officially opened, revealing the profiles of the already known members: Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, and Seunghan. Additionally, the profile of Lee Chanyoung under the stage name Anton (his English name) was also revealed, thus confirming that he is part of the group. Furthermore, two previously unknown members, Wonbin and Sohee, were unveiled.[11] Later on the same day, SM Entertainment revealed more information about the group's members and stated that they have excellent musical abilities, including vocals, performances, musical instruments, compositions, and captivating visuals. Additionally, more details were disclosed about Wonbin, who possesses excellent performance and guitar skills, Sohee, who has outstanding singing ability, and Anton, who is a new talent in composition with a unique musical sense.[12]

On August 7, it was announced that RIIZE will be debuting on September 4 with their first single album "Get A Guitar".[13] "Memories" was pre-released on August 21.

On October 13, SM Entertainment revealed that RIIZE will be releasing a new song in late October.[14] On October 23, RIIZE announced that they will release the digital single "Talk Saxy" on October 27.[15]

On November 9, RIIZE released their first English digital single "Get A Guitar (English Ver.)".[16]

On November 22, a statement was released which announced that member Seunghan would take an indefinite hiatus from all activities for the time being.[17]

2024: "Love 119", "Love 119 (Japanese ver.)", "Siren", "Impossible", Riizing, Japanese debut[]

Through SM Entertainment's 3Q23 earning release, it was revealed that RIIZE will be releasing two singles, including a Japanese one, in early 2024.[18] On December 6, 2023, SM Entertainment confirmed the reports of RIIZE making their comeback with their new single on January 5, 2024.[19] On January 1, the group announced their third digital single titled "Love 119".[20]

On January 24, RIIZE released their first Japanese digital single "Love 119 (Japanese ver.)".

On February 8, SM Entertaiment revealed that RIIZE will be releasing a mini album and a single in the second half of the year.[21] On March 6, SM confirmed that the group will be having a comeback in April.[22] On April 1, it was reported that RIIZE will be releasing the full version of "Siren" on April 3, ahead of their comeback.[23] On April 3, RIIZE confirmed the release of "Siren" later that day, along with the releases of "Impossible" on April 18, and their first mini album Riizing sometime in June.[24] On May 20, RIIZE announced that the mini album will be released on June 17.[25]

On May 8, SM Entertainment announced that RIIZE will be releasing a Japanese single in the third quarter of the year.[26] On May 20, RIIZE announced that they will be releasing their second Japanese digital single "Lucky" on July 24, before debuting with the single "of the same name" on September 5.[25]


The members have no fixed positions nor an assigned leader, except for the main vocalist and center positions.

Name Position(s) Emojis Year(s) active
Shotaro (쇼타로) Dancer, Rapper
Eunseok (은석) Vocalist
Sungchan (성찬) Rapper
Wonbin (원빈) Vocalist, Dancer, Center
Sohee (소희) Main Vocalist
Anton (앤톤) Vocalist, Maknae
Seunghan (승한) Vocalist, Dancer
2023–present[n 1]



Mini albums[]

Single albums[]

Digital singles[]

Remix singles[]



Digital singles[]



Digital singles[]



Concert participation[]



Variety shows[]


Web novels[]

  • Rise & Realize (Kakao Page, 2023)[34]


On August 15, 2023 it was announced that RIIZE were chosen as the newest endorsement models for 'MUSINSA'.[35]

  • MUSINSA (2023)
  • UIQ (2023)[36]
  • Louis Vuitton (2023–present)[37]
  • Woori Bank (2024)[38]
  • Bacchus (2024)[39]
  • ETUDE (2024)[40]
  • Fanta (2024)[41]


  • Shotaro and Sungchan are former members of NCT and its sub unit NCT U.


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