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QODES (Korean: 코데즈; Japanese: コデズ), also spelled as Qodes, is a four-member girl group under EJ Music Entertainment. They debuted on February 1, 2021.



On January 21, 2021, several news sites reported that a newly-formed agency named EJ Music will be debuting their first girl group, Qodes, on February 1, 2021. Their concept gained attention for being the first of its kind, and will be based on 'seasons' (such as in TV drama productions). The four-members were introduced as Delta, Nu, Lambda and Alpha. In addition, their concept will be PRG video game themed where the creator (company) is the NPC, the members are the in-game characters and fans are the users/players.[1][2][3][4]


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Delta (델타) Main Vocalist[5] 2021–present
Nu (뉴) Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocalist[5] 2021–present
Alpha (알파) Main Center, Rapper[6] 2021–present
Lambda (람다) Maknae, Main Dancer[5] 2021–present


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