Produce X 101 (프로듀스 X 101) was a 2019 boy group survival show on Mnet. The fourth season of the Produce 101 series, it is a large-scale project in which the public "produces" a temporary boy group by choosing members from a pool of 101 contestants.

The show premiered on May 3, 2019 and aired every Friday at 23:00 (11:00 p.m.) KST.[1]


In November 2018, Mnet confirmed that Produce 101 was in discussion for a new season but did not confirm broadcast timing and details.[2]

On December 15, 2018, following the end of the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards, Mnet dropped a teaser confirming the season with the name Produce X 101 and the premiere to 2019.[1]





Special Trainers


Agency Name Hangul Age[3] Notes
Individual Trainees Choi Su Hwan 최수환 19
Im Siu 임시우 21
Jung Young Bin 정영빈 22
Kang Seok Hwa 20 Former contestant on YG Treasure Box
Kim Sung Yeon 김성연 18 Former contestants on MIXNINE and YG Treasure Box
Lee Eugene 이유진 16
Lee Ha Min 이하민 24
Lee Hyeop 이협 21
Park Jin Yeol 박진열 19
A.CONIC Kwon Tae Eun 권태은 21
AAP.Y Jung Myung Hoon 정명훈 23
Kang Hyeon Su 강현수 23 Former members of LC9 and BLK
Lee Mi Dam 이미담 23 Former contestant on YG Treasure Box
Around US Entertainment Choi Si Hyuk 최시혁 20
Jeong Jae Hun 정재훈 20
Woo Je Won 우제원 22
Astory Entertainment Jeon Hyun Woo 전현우 23
Heo Jin Ho 허진호 22
Brand New Music Hong Seong Jun 홍성준 21
Kim Si Hun 김시훈 21 Former YG Entertainment trainee
Lee Eun Sang 이은상 18
Yun Jung Hwan 윤정환 19
C9 Entertainment Keum Dong Hyun 금동현 17
Lee Jae Bin 이재빈 20
Chanderlier Music Peak 19 Participated on I Can See Your Voice 6
Cre.ker Entertainment Gwon Hui Jun 권희준 19
DS Entertainment Steven Kim 스티븐 킴 20
DSP Media Lee Hwan 이환 21
Lee Jun Hyuk 이준혁 20
Son Dong Pyo 손동표 18
E Entertainment Lee Won Jun 이원준 18
Won Hyuk 원혁 18
Enfant Terrible Company Choi Byung Hoon 최병훈 20
ESteem Timothée Anzardi 앙자르디 디모데 21
Kim Jin Gon 김진곤 22
Kim Seung Hwan 김승환 21
Yuri 유리 26
Fantagio Music Han Gi Chan 한기찬 22
Gost Lee Sang Ho 이상호 23
Yun Hyun Jo 윤현조 23
Happyface Entertainment Won Hyun Sik 원현식 23 Pre-debut member of HNB
Hongyi Tony 토니 18
Wei Zi Yue 위자월 22 Former contestant on All for One
iMe KOREA Lee Se Jin 이세진 23
Jellyfish Entertainment Choi Jun Seong 최준성 18
Kim Min Kyu 김민규 19
JH1 Uehara Jun 우에하라 준 24
JYP Entertainment Yun Seo Bin 윤서빈 21
Kiwi Media Group Kim Hyeong Min 김형민 21
Lim Da Hun 임다훈 20
Song Chang Ha 송창하 20
KRAZY Entertainment Kim Kwan Woo 김관우 23
Maroo Entertainment Lee Jin Woo 이진우 16
Lee Tae Seung 이태승 17
Lee Woo Jin 이우진 16
MBK Entertainment Kim Yeong Sang 김영상 23
Lee Han Gyul 이한결 21 Member of IM
Former contestant on The Unit
Nam Do Hyon 남도현 16 Former contestant on Under Nineteen
Million Market Yoo Geun Min 유건민 22
MLD Entertainment Kim Dong Bin 김동빈 19 Former contestant on Produce 101 Season 2
The Music Works Entertainment Kim Kook Heon 김국헌 23 Member of MYTEEN
Former contestant on MIXNINE
Song Yu Vin 송유빈 22 Member of MYTEEN
Former contestant on Superstar K6
NEST Oh Sae Bom 오새봄 26 Member of the busking group MAXXAM
Park Yun Sol 박윤솔 24 Former contestant of BOYS24
OUI Entertainment Kim Yo Han 김요한 21
Plan A Entertainment Choi Byung Chan 최병찬 23 Member of VICTON
Han Seung Woo 한승우 26 Member of VICTON
Plasma Entertainment Park Sion 박시온 18
SF Entertainment Sung Min Seo 성민서 19
SidusHQ Park Sun Ho 박선호 26
Source Music Kim Hyeon Bin 김현빈 18
Tsai Chia Hao 채가호 22
Yoon Min Gook 윤민국 18
The South Nam Dong Hyun 남동현 21 Member of South Club
Younger brother of Nam Tae Hyun
Starship Entertainment Ham Won Jin 함원진 19
Kang Min Hee 강민희 18
Koo Jung Mo 구정모 20
Moon Hyun Bin 문현빈 20
Song Hyeong Jun 송형준 18
Stone Music Entertainment Kim Sung Hyun 김성현 24 Member of IN2IT
Former contestant on BOYS24
Think About Entertainment Kim Jun Jae 김준재 20 Former contestant on Under Nineteen
TOP Media Kim Woo Seok 김우석 24 Member of UP10TION
Lee Jin Hyuk 이진혁 24 Member of UP10TION
Urban Works Byeon Seong Tae 변성태 22
Hong Sung Hyen 홍성현 24
Kim Dong Kyu 김동규 20
Kim Min Seo 김민서 18
Vine Entertainment Baek Jin 백진 25 Former contestant on MIXNINE
WM Entertainment Lee Gyu Hyung 이규형 26
Woollim Entertainment Cha Jun Ho 차준호 18
Hwang Yun Seong 황윤성 20
Joo Chang Uk 주창욱 19
Kim Dong Yun 김동윤 18
Kim Min Seo 김민서 18
Moon Jun Ho 문준호 20
WUZO Entertainment Choi Jin Hwa 최진화 18
YG Entertainment Hidaka Mahiro 히다카 마히로 19 Former contestant on YG Treasure Box
Wang Jyun Hao 왕군호 20 Former contestant on YG Treasure Box
Yue Hua Entertainment Cho Seung Youn 조승연 24 Member of UNIQ
Hwang Geum Ryul 황금률 22 Former JYP Entertainment trainee
Yu Seong Jun 유성준 19



Episode 12

Rank Name Agency Votes Total votes
1 Kim Yo Han OUI Entertainment 1,334,011 4,468,996
2 Kim Woo Seok TOP Media 1,304,033 4,424,309
3 Han Seung Woo Plan A Entertainment (Play M) 1,079,200 2,869,629
4 Song Hyeong Jun Starship Entertainment 1,049,222 3,735,217
5 Cho Seung Youn Yue Hua Entertainment 929,311 2,200,382
6 Son Dong Pyo DSP Media 824,389 2,762,824
7 Lee Han Gyul MBK Entertainment 794,411 2,221,045
8 Nam Do Hyon MBK Entertainment 764,433 3,147,303
9 Cha Jun Ho Woollim Entertainment 756,939 2,449,408
10 Kang Min Hee Starship Entertainment 749,444 1,798,609
X Lee Eun Sang Brand New Music 689,489 3,164,535
12 Lee Jin Hyuk TOP Media 719,466 2,825,263
13 Koo Jung Mo Starship Entertainment 704,748 2,881,427
14 Keum Dong Hyun C9 Entertainment 674,500 1,902,728
15 Hwang Yun Seong Woollim Entertainment 554,589 1,814,982
16 Song Yu Vin The Music Works Entertainment 479,644 2,326,788
17 Kim Min Kyu Jellyfish Entertainment 472,150 3,034,894
18 Lee Se Jin iMe KOREA 464,655 1,682,269
19 Ham Won Jin Starship Entertainment 359,733 2,029,069
20 Tony Hongyi 284,789 1,149,031



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