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Playback (플레이백) was a girl group under Coridel Entertainment. They debuted on June 25, 2015 with the single "Playback".

On April 13, 2017, it was announced that Eunjin, who left before their debut, would be joining the group.

With the lack of updates on any of the group's social media accounts since February 2018, Hayoung's being removed from the group's profile on the company's website around 2019, Yujin being signed with an new company since 2019, and Woolim, the group's leader, signing with a new company on May 25, 2021, it is possible to believe that the group has silently disbanded.[1][2]


Name Position(s) Years active
Woolim (우림) Leader, Main Vocalist 2015–2019
Yunji (윤지; formerly known as Yena) Lead Vocalist 2015–2019
Yujin (유진; formerly known as Soyoon) Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Visual 2015–2019
Eunjin (은진) Main Vocalist, Maknae 2017–2019
Hayoung (하영) Main Rapper, Lead Dancer 2015–2019[3]


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  3. She was removed from the group's profile on the company's website in 2019.

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