Pink Season is the first Japanese full-length album released by Apink. It was released on August 26, 2015 in three editions, a limited CD+DVD+Goods edition type A, a limited CD+DVD edition type B and a regular CD Only edition. All tracks of the album are Japanese versions of tracks originally released in Korean.

Track list

  2. "NoNoNo -Japanese ver.-"
  3. "BUBIBU -Japanese ver.-"
  4. "U You -Japanese ver.-"
  5. "I Don't Know -Japanese ver.- (モルラヨ -Japanese ver.-)"
  6. "Remember -Japanese ver.-"
  7. "Mr. Chu (On Stage) -Japanese ver.-"
  8. "MyMy -Japanese ver.-"
  9. "HUSH -Japanese ver.-"
  10. "Not An Angel -Japanese ver.- (使じゃない -Japanese ver.-)"
  11. "Good Morning Baby -Japanese ver.-"
  12. "LUV -Japanese ver.-"
  13. "April 19th -Japanese ver.- (4月19日 -Japanese ver.-)"
  • Limited Edition A
      1. NoNoNo -Japanese ver.- Music Video
      2. NoNoNo -Japanese ver.- Music Video (Dance ver.)
      3. Mr Chu -Japanese ver.- Music Video
      4. Mr Chu -Japanese ver.- Music Video (Dance ver.)
      5. LUV -Japanese ver.- Music Video
      6. LUV -Japanese ver.- Music Video (Dance ver.)
      7. LUV -Japanese ver.- Music Video (Lip Synchro ver.)
  • Limited Edition B
    • Road to 1st Album "PINK SEASON" from debut
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