Pink Doll (stylized as PINK♥DOLL) is the second Japanese full-length album released by Apink. It was released December 21, 2016 in nine editions: a limited CD+PINK DIARY edition that comes with an Apink original 2017 diary (A), a limited CD+DVD edition (B), six limited CD Only member editions (C) with a special booklet for each member, and a regular CD Only edition.

Track list

  1. "My First Love"
  2. "IT GIRL -Japanese Ver.-"
  3. "Summer Time! (サマータイム!)"
  4. "Brand New Days"
  5. "Shining Star"
  6. "Sunshine Girl"
  7. "Amai Koi wo Shiyou yo (甘い恋をしようよ; Let's make sweet love)"
  8. "YEAH -Japanese Ver.-"
  9. "Fanfare! (ファンファーレ!)"
  10. "SUNDAY MONDAY -Japanese Ver.-"
  11. "Hana Uranai -Japanese Ver.- (花占い)"
  12. "If I...."
  1. "SUNDAY MONDAY" (Music Video)
  2. "Brand New Days" (Music Video)
  3. "Brand New Days" (Dance Feat. Version)
  4. "Summer Time!" (Music Video)
  5. "Summer Time!" (Dance Feat. Version (Cheerleader-hen) Music Video)
  6. "Summer Time!" (Dance Feat. Version (Seifuku-hen) Music Video)
  7. Apink's Shooting Sketch in Summer ~"Summer Time!" Release Event 7Days Document~ (Apink’s #Shooting Sketch in Summer ~「サマータイム!」リリースイベント7Daysドキュメント~)
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