"All your Fantasy! Hello, we are Pink Fantasy"

—Pink Fantasy

Pink Fantasy (핑크판타지; also stylized as PinkFantasy) is a nine-member girl group under MyDoll Entertainment. They debuted on October 24, 2018, with their debut digital single "Iriwa".

The group is unique in that it has one masked member, Daewang, who's real identity will be revealed sometime in the future.[1]



Prior to their debut, four of the members had previous experience in the music industry:

2018: Debut with "Iriwa"

2019–present: Sub-unit SHY, Japanese debut, "Fantasy"

On March 3, the group announced the formation of their first official sub-unit PinkFantasy SHY, consisting of members SeeA, Harin, and Yubeen, with their debut date set for March 26.[2]

On March 6, a video announcing the upcoming Japanese debut of Pink Fantasy was uploaded to MyDoll Entertainment's YouTube channel. On March 15, the group released their Japanese debut single "Iriwa".[3]

On July 15, Pink Fantasy released the teaser schedule for their second single, "Fantasy", to be released sometime in August.[4]

On July 18, MyDoll Entertainment announced the addition of a ninth member, SangA, to the group.[5]

On October 18, MyDoll released a statement saying Heesun had departed from the group and her activities had stopped on the same day.[6]


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Aini (아이니) Leader, Lead rapper, Vocalist 2018–present
SeeA (시아) Main rapper, lead vocalist 2018–present
Yechan (예찬) Main vocalist 2018–present
Harin (하린) Lead dancer, sub vocalist 2018–present
Arang (아랑) Lead dancer, sub vocalist 2018–present
Daewang (대왕) Hidden member 2018–present
SangA (상아) Lead Vocalist, Dance 2019–present
On hiatus
Yubeen (유빈) Main dancer, lead vocalist 2018–present
Heesun (희선) Sub vocalist, maknae 2018–2019
Rai (라이) Vocalist





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